7 Hidden Places in Your Office Pests Make Their Own Homes

The office is a space where you and your employees work and entertain clients every day. It is very necessary to have a hygienic environment for everyone in the office. Having to deal with pest should be the least of your concern.

But before you jump into any pest control it's necessary that you know the various hidden places in your office pests make their own homes. One pest is capable of ruining your entire reputation and leaving you with angry staff, not to forget the diseases they are capable of spreading.

1. Hot Seat

You might possibly be sitting on top of somebody's home and that somebody happens to be certain wood destroying pests. They nest in structures causing damage to your furniture and weakening them.

2. Paper piles or dead piles?

Spiders and paper-eating insects breeds mostly on piles of paper and files in the offices which are lying around for decades. Empty egg shells, powder, and dead insects fill the your important papers and files.

3. Roof over Your Head

You might not know office pests live on top of your head. The false ceiling that covers your lighting and air-conditioning also covers pest of all shape and sizes. As they are not cleaned on a daily basis a whole clan of pest have made that space their permanent home.

4. Under the Stairway

The ghost living under your stairs are multi-legged, creepy looking creatures ready to scare you and your client in the middle of the day. Dark spaces, which aren't frequently cleaned, make for the perfect home for pests. While you may be cleaning the stairs regularly, the space behind your staircase is where all the breeding is happening.

5. Wash the Room

It's a no brainer guessing how many germs and insects reside in your washroom. On a daily basis, staff as well as insects frequents it. Office pests live in sewers and easily climb up to toilet bowls and infect your washroom. A leaking tap or pipe, open dustbin, water in your sewer is an open invention to pest to enter your office space.

6. Food for All

Everybody in office loves the room that serves food and coffee and dislikes it when someone else eats up their food, be it human or annoying pest. Before you can taste your food, flies and cockroaches have already done their taste test and approved the food for you. The pantry in office is that one space that requires maximum care when it comes to hygiene and annoying pest.

7. Inside story

Every office has a store room filled with unwanted things from the past decade. Most of these store room aren't cleaned for years to come and when you finally do decide to clean them, you will be welcomed with insects crawling on your foot, above your head and spider web all over your body.

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