6 Tips To Keep Your Marble Floors Bright, Shining And Clean

Who wouldn't admire having a beautifully shining marble in the house? Well, we all do wish. Like most of us think that it is just not possible to maintain those pristine marbles for years, despite a regular floor cleaning service. However, we have brought a researched data for you on how you can clean and keep your marble floors shining bright with these handy tips.

Marble and Floor Polishing Tips

1. Use Marble Sealers

Don't allow the liquid to penetrate your house marble. Cover it up or seal it with a few stones likegranites, soapstone, and travertine. These kinds of stones will absorb the liquid and stain very fast while keeping your marble safe.

2. Polish Marble

marble floor polishing reduces the chances of absorbency rate to some extent while bringing out the actual colour of the stone. You should often consider Floor cleaning Services from the professionals whenever you think it requires.

3. Clean Spill Immediately

Marble are highly susceptible to stains as it is sensitive to various acidic substances like coffee, wine, juices, sauces, and cleaning products. If accidently anything spillson your marble, ensure to immediately clean or else the marble surface might turn dull.

4. Use Soft Sponge or Cloth While Cleaning

The best thing you can do while cleaning is using a hot water along with a formulated marble cleaner. Try not to wipe the surface with a rough or hard cloth, instead, use a cotton cloth or a sponge for wiping them.

5. Dust Your Marble Floors Regularly

Ensure to clean and dust your marble floors frequently with the help of a clean, and dry mop. Take care of your marbles while using a vacuum cleaner as the accumulated dirt in the wheels might etch the surface.

6. Use Doormats, Rugs or Runners on the floor

It is necessary to place a door mat or rug inside the house as dirt and grit, gets carried inside thehouse through shoes which can be abrasive and damaging the marble tiles.

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