6 Reasons To Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

It doesn’t matter whether you own a big or a small house. You never know when you would have guests at home. The best place to seat your guests is a well-maintained and beautiful sofa set. You'd be in for embarrassment if your sofa is dirty. Buying a good sofa set is not a guarantee that it would retain the same look over the years. It would need timely maintenance and cleaning too. But with today’s busy lifestyle, we hardly have that kind of time to spare for cleaning our sofas and upholstery ourselves.

So how about hiring a professional sofa cleaning service? Sounds great, right? It not only sounds great but works great as well! With one single service from an experienced cleaning service provider, you'll be able to retain the beauty of your expensive sofa set without putting in much energy and time yourself. 

Let's dig deeper to understand some other lesser-known reasons to hire professional sofa cleaning services.

Why Book Sofa Cleaning Services?

  1.  Speedy and Professional Approach: The prime reason to book a sofa cleaning service near you is to enjoy a speedy and professional approach. It could be festival time and you might be expecting several guests at home, or you simply want a clean sofa set at home. You can always rely on the services provided by professional sofa cleaners. These experienced professionals are aware of all cleaning techniques and use the ones that are best suited for your sofa. Moreover, cleaning an entire sofa set would be a matter of a few hours when you leave the task of sofa cleaning in their hands.
  2. Best Services through Modern Cleaning Machines: Most of us do try to clean our sofas and upholstery with DIY tricks. But we know that they hardly give the desired results. Why is that so? It's because we lack modern cleaning machines and equipment. However, this is not the case with professional cleaning service providers. They offer the best services using modern cleaning machines, for instance, sofa cleaning machine.
  3. Toughest Stain Removal: Even if you hardly sit on furniture like chairs and sofas, they tend to get dirty with time. The risk is higher when you have children at home who sit, play, and lie on sofas most of the time, leaving behind stains and spots that are no less than a nightmare to clean up! Fortunately, we can now easily avail  professional sofa cleaning services to get rid of the toughest stains from our upholstery like sofa. Note that reputed cleaning companies such as HiCare aim to remove the toughest stains from your sofa but they might not guarantee complete stain removal. 
  4. Removal of Foul Odors: You might agree that with the passage of time, your furniture emits some sort of unpleasant odor. This tends to worsen with each passing day, and more so if you have pets, kids, or a smoker at home. Trained sofa-cleaning professionals will remove these unbearable odors from your sofa during a sofa cleaning service.
  5. Germ and Bacteria Removal: Searching online for sofa cleaning services near me and hiring one such service would also help you in removing germs and bacteria hidden in your sofa. These germs are hard to detect through naked eyes and succeed in staying deep within the sofa fabric. Perhaps this could be the reason for most allergies that you might be suffering from sitting for long hours on your sofa set. When you hire professionals for sofa cleaning, all these germs and allergy-causing bacteria are removed and you're left with a germ-less sofa at home.
  6. Maintenance of Sofa Quality: The biggest advantage of going for professional sofa cleaning at home is that it helps maintain your sofa set. No matter how old it may be, with regular cleaning service, you can maintain its beauty for years to come. Professionals who are sent to you by your chosen sofa cleaning service provider are trained to deal with all sorts of sofa fabrics – leather, velvet, cloth, or jute. They will clean the sofa surface and deep clean it too, if required, to leave behind a long-lasting and well-maintained sofa. 


Tips to Hire a Sofa Cleaning Service

Now that you have understood the importance of hiring a sofa or upholstery cleaning service, it's time to learn some useful tips to hire a good service provider:

  1. Check for Experience: The first thing to check for when choosing an upholstery cleaning service is its experience in the field. The more experienced a company, the better results you can expect. 
  2. Check the Tools and Machines: Look for the types of machines and tools that professionals use for cleaning your sofa. 
  3. Check the Type of Chemicals Used: Do not forget to ask what kind of chemicals or solutions they use for cleaning the upholstery and check whether they are safe or not. 
  4. Check the Duration of Service: Before hiring a home cleaning service provider for your sofa, do ask for the duration of the service so that you can make arrangements accordingly.
  5. Check for Warranty: Do check whether the service provider offers any guarantee on the cleaning service provided or not. 
  6. Get and Compare the Cost: Most importantly, ask for the cost of the cleaning service and then compare it with that of other similar service providers. 



So if you have already started searching online for sofa cleaning services near me consider choosing HiCare. It is India’s No. 1 hygiene service provider with presence across more than 20 Indian cities. Go for sofa cleaning with HiCare’s Sofa Spa – Fabric Shampooing service. It is a 3-step procedure that includes extraction of dust, application of scrubbing solution, and extraction of moisture from the sofa. The best advantage of trusting HiCare for your sofa cleaning is that the company uses safe chemicals and offers complete customer satisfaction with its service. In short, do not let your sofa rot due to lack of cleaning. Hire professionals and regain its lost beauty.