5 Tips to How to Clean Upholstered Sofa Like an Expert - HiCare Experts

Wiping down your upholstered sofas, chairs and furniture can be a tough job at times and often headache for those who are not aware of how it is done correctly. Yet, there is something more agonizing like getting the dried stains cleaned from your upholstery which might take a lot of time and effort.

A minor accident can lead to spilling and to make things worse, a misbehaving pet can add his contribution as well to make it worst.

The upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning is quite difficult at home and each time, taking a help from a professional home cleaning service to get rid of the upholstery stain might not suit everyone's budget. The sofa compared to the other household furniture, quickly absorbs and catches stains which we need to act instantly or else the areas can be out to reach to clean further. A soaked stain is hard to penetrate through the fibers.

But here are certain things you can do to keep Upholstered Chair or Sofa clean:

Upholstered Chair or Sofa clean Tips

  1. The primary step that you should be following is that you must take quick actions before the stain sets in the place.

  2. The best way to remove food stains is by mixing one teaspoon of dish soap in a cup of cold water. Now blot the stain with a soft and dampened cloth in this solution.

  3. To get rid of grease spots, soak the spot in a baking soda. After 20 minutes, dust the spot and remove the remaining residue with the help of a toothbrush and dishwashing liquid.

  4. To get rid of coffee stains, combine a teaspoon of detergent and one cup of warm water. Blot the area with a paper towel. If case of persisting stains, you must use vinegar and water solution.

  5. To get rid of Beer stains, rub a few cubes of ice over the spot.

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