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Pest Control Delhi

Cockroach Termite Bed Bug Wood Borer Anti-Dengue
Service Details :
  • This 3 step mosquito repellent service blocks mosquitoes from breeding indoor.
  • Stops entry of new mosquitoes by protecting your entire home with a unique spray for walls, curtains, dark corners and their resting places.
  • Kills dengue mosquitoes instantly on contact 24x7.
Benefits :
  • This service stops mosquitoes from breeding and blocks and kills new mosquitoes and helps in protecting against diseases like dengue.
Service Timeframe :
  • Single Service includes a 1 time service.
Warranty :
  • Single Service comes with a 45 day warranty.

Neighbourhood We Serve

For pest control service in Delhi, Our main branches are set up in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida for covering entire Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other areas to keep it free from Termites, Dengue, Malaria and other pests.

Pest Control Delhi - Know Pests In Your City

The national capital of India with its scorching but at times toasty weather makes its one of the prestigious cities and home to pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites and other pests.

South Delhi

South Delhi is considered to be a premium and sophisticated area. Though the area is surveyed with regular health care initiatives but it still faces mosquito attack. With inefficient mosquito repellents, the rate of Dengue and Malaria cases are increasing. West being an industrial hub too faces mosquito troubles. The ill-industrial practices increase the threat of an entire army of new gen mosquitoes. So it’s important to have a year round mosquito control pest control service in Delhi.

Gurgaon Noida

Gurgaon, Noida face constant bed-bug and termite infestation due to its climatic conditions. These pests multiply if not treated properly. Not only do you find bed- bugs but also evident signs of termite infestation. Therefore, call for a professional bed-bug treatment as well as an anti-termite treatment for pest control service in Delhi at the first sign of these tiny pests.

Delhi weather is best suited for cockroaches. And not having a regular pest control at home and an inefficient pest control in your society gives a head start to cockroaches year round.

With Delhi being warm and safe for strangers likewise, it becomes harborage for those invisible and tiny pests. Delhiites commute in the locals where the travel-savvy bed bugs hitch-hike a ride on their bags or luggage. Therefore, call for a professional bed-bug treatment at the first sign of these tiny pests. Also ensure Bed-bug pest control and anti-termite treatment and termite control is done on regular basis to prevent the start of an infestation. Rodent pest control is essential to avoid damage and diseases. Year round meticulous cockroach killer gel with cockroach pest control gel and spray will keep your home cockroach-free. Don’t wait until you spot a pest or infestation signs in your home. Call a professional pest control service in Delhi right away to block the entry of those pesky pests.

High rises and flats in Delhi have to deal with constant year round pigeon droppings, causing various diseases. So if your residential complex has not done a comprehensive bird management service then it’s time for you to choose bird proofing with bird protection net, anti-bird net, bird control net and pigeon net for your home. No one likes to live along with the pest. Therefore, it is a must to hire expert pest control service in Delhi from a company that understands your city.

Dangers of using an unprofessional pest controller

The services provided by unprofessional pest control services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida are short-lived while worsening the pest-troubles in your home. In the initial stage, you might save your money but spend extra on repairing the damage.

Onboarding any pest control service in Delhi without checking license and certification will only lead to damage of property and health. The health troubles linked with this low quality and incorrect chemical is asthma, neurological problem, birth defects and more, this will always keep your health at great risk.


    Consider the pre and post service advice and suggestion given by the pest experts when using pest control service in Delhi.
  • Avoid usage of any DIY products during your pest control contract.
  • Research thoroughly on the pest control company before hiring and ask for license and certification.
  • Ask the pest control experts to use child-friendly pest control products to keep your home and family safe.
  • Never sign the contract of a pest control company on an immediate basis. Take time to understand the contract terms and conditions.



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Often DIY methods or products fail to exterminate the colony or root cause of infestation of pests in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida homes. Over time they re-emerge and make DIY expensive in a slow and steady manner.

While you may try DIY pest control products to get rid of small infestation in a less expensive way. For bigger infestation and to stop Dengue and Malaria, it is smart to hire a professional pest control service in Delhi and choose the right pest services for your home.

We are India's only HACCP Certified Pest Control Service in Delhi and best among India’s pest control companies. We ensure all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to.

With up-to-date knowledge about varied pests and safe treatments, we use only government approved chemicals. We are the top pest control service in Delhi that offers experts that are trained and certified to use the right amount of chemicals or spray to eliminate the pest-troubles and pest infestation.

If you are looking for the best Pest Control in Delhi NCR then choose HiCare!


HICARE pest management service (established in 2004) is the leading pest control service in Delhi and India providing residential pest control for Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Wood Borers, Termites, Bird Netting for general and commercial pest control service and Home Cleaning services for your home and office premises. We take pride in the fact that no one knows pests the way we do. With coverage in over 30 cities across India including Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, HICARE network and expertise is unparalleled. HICARE’s innovative approach and optimal use of advanced technology enables us to guarantee complete, long-lasting elimination of pests for your home or work premises.

We are India's only HACCP Certified pest control service in Delhi and strictly enforce company guidelines for pest control in Delhi and all India to ensure that all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to. We offer complete safety for your entire family, children, elders and pets included. Our trained technicians use only the latest technology and techniques.

Get a Pest control done in your home every couple of months to ensure your home is free of any pests.

After all, a pest free home is a healthy home!