Pest Control

Pests are everywhere and they are capable of wrecking the entire household. It is very important for every home to make sure that they live in a hygienic and disease-free environment.

To ensure this, one needs to pave way for a pest-free home. It is highly advised that every household gets a pest control service done at least once in three months.

Hicare offers pest control services and our highly trained professionals, who make a thorough and complete inspection of the site both before and after the service has been rendered. We develop an integrated pest management treatment that includes a detailed plan-of-action and a schedule of the various treatments to be rendered for home and office so as pest like Cockroach, Bed Bugs, Termite, Wood Borer and Mosquito stay away.

Hicare Pest Control Services:

Cockroach Control

Favorite hiding spot for cockroaches is kitchen appliances and regular pest control is the answer.

Cockroach Ant Control

Get yearly protection from Cockroaches and red ants with Cockroach Ant pest control service

Termite Control

Termites love Books and old furniture, get a preventive termite treatment to save your library and furniture.

Mosquito Control Service

Use mosquito repellent pest control treatment for protection against dengue fever, chikungunya.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs hitch hike while sharing rides, holidaying, travelling, get a Bed Bug Treatment before they spread.

Wood Borers Control

Seeing wood dust? Get Wood Borer Control service and save wooden valuables.

Rodent Control

Rats damaging property? Eating valuables? Have rat free zone with Rodent Management Service.

Cockroach Car Pest Service

The most advanced pest control with a Roach Alarm Trap for getting rid of cockroaches in cars


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