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  • When you are looking for a cockroach control service, you want to get rid of cockroaches forever to ensure the health and safety of your family.
  • HiCare, India’s best and no. 1 Cockroach Pest Control Company gets rid of cockroaches permanently and removes cockroach infestation the fast, most reliable and safest way.
  • Our professional service uses HiCare MAXFORCE gel, that doesn’t just treat the cockroach control problem superficially, but provides the best, most effective solution for total control and eradication of cockroaches plus red and black ants.
  • How do we exterminate and kill the disease causing hidden cockroach pest? We use Bayer Chemicals approved by the Central Insecticides Board for best results and safety.
  • Our MAXFORCE Gel, a strong cockroach repellent and killer, has a highly potent active ingredient applied at every cockroach hide out, while a spray treatment is used in the other areas.
  • Sneaky cockroaches consume the gel and go back to their tiny hiding places where they die. The other cockroaches eat the poisoned roaches and they too die making sure the entire colony is completely eliminated.
  • A single service is for one time. The annual or yearly service includes 3 services at intervals of 4 months. Your family’s safety and that of your pets is guaranteed
  • Once the initial pest control treatment is done, it takes approximately 21 days for the entire cockroach colony to be affected. Post the 3rd week you will see visible results. The single service comes with a 3 month warranty so you are certain of getting rid of cockroaches. Within the contracted period our trained technicians will resolve your complaints at no extra charge.
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  • If you want the very best, look no further. HiCare offers the best Pest Control Services in India. We use the best in class chemicals, duly approved by the Central Insecticides board for getting rid of cockroach.
  • We make sure these are used in the recommended dosages because your family’s health and safety is our concern. Local pest control services often use non approved chemicals in dangerous doses, thus endangering your pets and family.
  • We only use Bayer Chemicals for best results and safety.
  • Our technicians are highly skilled and very well trained because we know how important your home and family are to you.
  • Choose HiCare, the best cockroach killer over conventional cockroach control methods because we believe in eradicating the root of the problem, rather than just eliminating the surface nuisances.
Customer Testimonials
I am very satisfied with the service as I haven't faced any cockroach problem ever since.

I would like to continue with this service as it was very effective.

I am very happy with the service as the chemicals used were very effective for the cockroaches. Earlier I was facing lot of roaches problem and now after the service I saw a drastic change in the situation and finally got rid of the cockroaches in my kitchen.


My child suffers from asthma. Is my child safe to stay during the service?

Cockroach allergens - their skin, dead cockroaches and droppings are known to trigger asthma attacks in children. In such case, it would be better if your child is not present during the services. During the process, we may be flushing out adult cockroaches and destroying them.

What if I touch areas that have been sprayed?

Treated areas should be avoided for touching until dry. In case of accidental touching not much to worry, but wash the exposed skin with soap and water. The spray emulsions that we apply are the most safe pesticides and been diluted to such extent that do not cause any ill effects. Also, these aspects are properly explained by our Service Technicians in "Do's and Don'ts". Our chemicals do not have residual effect hence are safe in such condition. We always advise our customers to listen carefully to all Do's and Don'ts by our technicians.

Do I need to wash everything after the treatment?

No, in case of Cockroach treatment or general pest management, there is no need to wash after the treatment.

Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards?

Under most normal condition, you do not need to empty kitchen cupboards as we do targeted gel baiting. But sometimes the kitchen is heavily infested by roaches and there is need of extensive flush out treatment. In the case of big cockroach also you may have to vacate cupboards, remove all food items and utensils before spray treatment.

Are my cat / dog safe from the cockroaches’ control?

Every pesticide requires that pets and people avoid treated surfaces until dry. This is the minimum standard for all products. Once dry, the material will not be easily transferred to paws or human skin.

What do I need to do prior to the Cockroach Pest Control treatment?

For residential cockroach treatment: Nothing at all, we will do whatever is needed.

Will the gel that is applied to the inside of cupboards contaminate my food?

No it will not. The gel / paste are only applied to areas where insects congregate or harbour, like cracks, crevices or hinges.

Will I see cockroaches after the treatment?

It takes up to three weeks for the gel to exterminate the population. Do not use any other pesticides. If we have applied roach baits, any contact with pesticide sprays OR diy roach killer use will ruin the bait. If you are still see roach activity after two weeks, and then you can call us to register a complaint.

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