Standard Cockroach Control

Service Features


  • 1X: Cockroach Control through European approved Gel & Spray


  • Visits: 3
  • Manpower: 1 for each visit

Terms & Conditions

  • Efficacy will be effective post 21 days of service
  • Service needs to be taken within 30 days of scheduled date
  • Complaint Service Free

Safety Precautions

  • Chemical is 100% safe for kids, elderly people & pets  
  • 3-Line of Defence to provide Covid Suraksha Kavach
List of Services
Building / Apartment Size / Unit
Type of Service
(Cash on Delivery)
After 5% discount through online payment

“I have been using HiCare’s services for several years and I would like to comment on how pleased I am with the service I receive. The experts are always on time, very professional, informative, courteous and always have a smile on their face. They remember that we have cats and are adaptable to our needs and offer helpful information when we have questions about any cockroach control matters.” -Shreya Ahluwalia, Delhi

“I found the cockroach control services provided by HiCare to be highly effective. I had tried two cockroach control agencies earlier but they could not solve my problem. But, HiCare did my job 8 months back and cockroaches have completely stopped coming. Keep it up!”-Ankur Singh

All our services professionals are experts and we offer a warranty for contract services. Within the contracted period our trained Hygiene Experts will resolve your complaints at no extra charge.

Usually, you don’t have to leave the house and you would be requested to vacate the exact area where chemicals are sprayed. There is no need to empty out your kitchen and hence the process is very convenient. After the treatment is done, please understand the necessary steps to be taken to clean the house after the treatment is done.

It’s better to identify the problem initially itself and tackle it. As the infestation increases, there are higher chances of the problem increasing. A lot of times, you may miss the pests by ignoring the signs. Calling experts and getting a basic inspection done is something that helps greatly before the problem becomes difficult to tackle and cause discomfort to your family.

Kitchen drain cleaning is done with a patented technology enzyme powder. The food stuck in the kitchen drain attracts cockroaches. This powder is enzyme based unlike the powders available in the market that are corrosive, so it doesn’t damage the drain pipes. It eventually breaks down all food particles in the drain and prevents cockroaches, odour and fruit flies.
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