Move-in Deep Cleaning

Service Details 

OfferingsInspection of the entire premise along with customer consultation 


Step 1 – Dry Dusting / Vacuuming of Walls, Ceilings & Furniture 

Step 2 – Externally Wet Wiping of Windows & Glasses 

Step 3 – Mopping / Scrubbing of the floors  



  • One time Service 

Duration: 4-5 hours (depending of the house configuration) 

Terms & Conditions 

  • Furniture cleaning is not included in this package  
  • We do not guarantee removal of old stains / hard stains, however, we will try to remove it to the best of our ability without damaging the surface 
  • Customers are requested to provide Ladder, Water and Electric connection 
  • Inaccessible areas are not covered in the scope of work 

Safety Precautions

List of Services
Building / Apartment Size / Unit
Type of Service
(Cash on Delivery)
After 5% discount through online payment

"We live in a big joint family. Our home had accumulated a lot of dust and plenty of stains. It had even discolored at some places. The HiCare team came on the appointed time and quickly went to work. In the end, the house looked like we had just moved into it! I highly recommend this service to every Indian family."-Shekhar Mishra, Lucknow

"I have a small guest house containing about 30 rooms. I was looking to entirely renovate it. But I didn't want to buy new paint or materials as it would cost me a lot of money. So, I decided to call in the HiCare team to clean every nook and cranny in my guest house. The team did a commendable job and rejuvenated my guest house and my business. I will remain ever thankful to them"-P. Surya, Chennai.

"I have two huge Alsatian dogs. They are extremely hyperactive. Their preferred activity and their sleeping spot are various places in the house. Naturally, the house had become quite stained everywhere. The HiCare team used its proprietary solution to remove every trace of the stains. I was delighted with the result"-Shruti Sinha, Patna.

This is a specialized cleaning for empty houses and flats. Therefore cleaning and vacuuming of furniture is not included. In case of requirement, you can avail for our basic deep cleaning services
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