Wood Borer-Pro

Service Details


  • Identify the wood borers in the infested wood
  • Use of special syringe filled with Wood Preservative Chemicals into the holes
  • Use of chemical petroleum base for spraying on the infected area for protection against wood borers


  • The package has 2 options
  • 6 Months: 3 services
  • 12 Months: 6 services
  • Manpower: 1 for each visit
  • Extended Warranty can also be availed, speak to our Call Centre for additional cost*

Terms & Conditions

  • Treatment will minimize the wood borer infestation in controlled condition
  • Efficacy / Elimination of pest will take 15 days post service
  • Efficacy will last long when precautions are strictly followed

Safety Precautions

  • 3-Level Covid Suraksha Kavach
  • Chemical is safe for kids, elderly people & pets
List of Services
Building / Apartment Size / Unit
Type of Service
(Cash on Delivery)
After 5% discount through online payment

“I have been calling many pest control services to get rid of the mosquito menace in my home. Nobody returned my calls, except HiCare who set up an appointment for the service according to my convenience. I found their technicians to be very professional and patient in answering my queries. Their spray-based treatment is very quick and effective. Keep up the good work, HiCare.” -Sanjeev Patil, Nagpur

“I do recommend HiCare’s mosquito control service as it is completely worth your money. They use very safe chemicals that got rid of the mosquito problem in my home premises. Plus, their technicians offer free advice on how to stop mosquito breeding around my home. Their customer support is also very professional and offered me free service.” -Kunal Sharma, Delhi

“I have tried several pest control services before. Post the service, there would be no mosquito problem for a few weeks, but after that, mosquitoes would start breeding again. HiCare not only got rid of the mosquitoes, but their technicians also performed a complete survey of my premises checking the common breeding places for mosquitoes. They performed disinfection of those places, and also gave us tips on how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.” -Chaya Kothari, Thana

We were constantly struggling with the mosquito menace in our locality. By hiring professional CosMos services from the experts, we got quick relief from the issue. Thank You!-Hicare

Yes, we use the best of Bayer chemicals that are safe for use in home environments. These chemicals are approved by the Central Insecticide Board (or CIB) for complete safety and effective results.

Our mosquito control service is designed to kill mosquitoes and also block them from breeding. We give a guarantee of 45 days after service. You can also reach out to our Anti-Dengue Experts.

Yes, this chemical treatment for mosquitoes kills dengue and malaria-causing mosquitoes within 30 minutes on contact and keeps you protected 24x7.

Yes, our mosquito control service gets rid of active mosquitoes along with mosquito larvae that breed in stagnant water and cool or shady areas in and around your home or office. If you have any complaints within the contract period, our technicians will resolve it at no extra charge.

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<li>16-Year Legacy</li>
<li>Safe for Kids &amp; Pets</li>
<li>1-Year Protection</li>
<li>Verified employees with 3-level COVID Kavach</li>
<li>Premium clientele Starbucks, Airtel, EuroKids</li>