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  • India's best and no. 1 Pest Control Company, Hicare is here to help you tackle all your rodent related worries. Our Rodent management service ensures total eradication of these pesky little creatures that wreak havoc in the house causing huge financial and health setbacks. Our live tested technique will get rid of all types of rodents, rats and mice and fortify your property against future infestations.
  • Hicare's experts are very well experienced when it comes to learning the pattern of the rodent signs and discovering the hideout places of these creatures thereby successfully exterminating them. Their signs are typically hidden from our naked eye and requires highly proficient technicians for the specific job.
  • To get rid of rats, we at Hicare have used a combination of experience as well as advanced science in creating a highly tenacious and an industrial strength glue to trap the rodents in the first instance itself. This new and innovative trap called a Sticky trap, is basically a sturdy piece of sheet covered in the glue with a spot for a bait in the middle to entice the rat on to the rattrap.
  • We use only heavy-duty and industry approved glue boards to make sure we achieve a 100% success rate in the suspected active rodent area almost immediately. The solid board at Hicare are large enough to trap the huge rat without allowing them to escape once they are caught.
  • We are very particular when it comes to the quality of the board and the glue that is used in the setup of this Sticky Trap unlike the cheap variant that are available in the local market.
  • Our team will place the effective rat killers at all the threatened areas like under the sink area, next to the dust bins, behind the refrigerator and washing machine area after careful inspection and keen observation.
  • A single package comes in a bundle of 3 services for a year with the number of rat trap placements per service depending on the area of the house.
  • Hicare's Rodent Repellant Service will safeguard your house from any type of vermin or rodent. It might take up to a week for the rodent to get jammed in the Sticky Trap.
  • In the span of the one contractual year, if you do find any of the rodent on the loose or rodent activity thereby; our experts will attend to your complaints without any extra fee.
  • Hicare offers the best and the most reliable Rodent control service in India.
  • Our unique Rodent trapping technique does not include the use of any chemicals or pesticides thereby making it safe to use in the kitchen while also being safe to the children, people with allergies as well as pets while answering all your questions on how to get rid of rats.
  • Our background verified technicians are trained and very well experienced in locating the rodents’ signs and marks putting forth a carefully customized planned service.
  • We have an experience of handling the extermination of all type of rodents and believe in eradicating the root of the rat and mouse problems, rather than just eliminating the surface nuisance.

What are the common signs of a rodent infestation? And when should I call the Rat Pest control?

Rodents can occasionally be spotted running along the corner of the house. Nocturnal in nature, they secrete cylindrically shaped droppings. Nibble marks on food and furniture, squeaky annoying sound from attic are few other signs that need immediate attention. A Rodent Pest control company should be called as soon as you spot a rodent or the signs of their activity.

What exactly is a Sticky Trap?

Sticky Traps are flat pads/robust sheets of cardboard covered in a sticky glue with a bait in the middle for the rats. The Sticky Glue sticks to the limbs of the rat when it tries to acquire the bait, trapping them in the process.

What food are used as a bait in this rat removal practice?

Cheese, Fried Fish and bread crumbs are usually used as baits for the Sticky Traps by Hicare. Peanut butter, fruits and vegetables also make for good alternatives.

What are the advantages of the Sticky traps over usual rat repellant techniques?

To start off with, these Rodent traps can be placed anywhere while pesticides could have side effects on allergic and sensitive people. Sticky Traps are certainly the best option for getting rid of rats especially in highly sensitive areas like kitchen, kitchen cabinets, restaurants and hospitals.

Will the Rodents be alive or die in this mouse repellent technique?

Once the mouse is caught in our rodent pest control setup, there is no way it will be able to escape through that trap. Yet depending on the situation, the mouse may be alive for a certain amount of time or would die immediately if it gets its mouth stuck to the adhesive and suffocates to death.

Is it harmful if the glue touches humans or my pet’s skin?

The Sticky traps, after a strict inspection, will be placed strategically in the corners where the chances of rodent entrapment are high but away from children’s and pet’s usual play area. Although, if the glue does touch the human skin, it can be removed easily with vegetable or mineral oil. Our technicians will make sure that the rat traps are concealed in such a way that they are not easily accessible to kids and pets.

Meet the Rat

  • Rats live up to the age of two years and start mating in over a couple of months from their birth. A female rat in its lifespan can produce up to 10 litters. A single litter can have anywhere from 5 to 10 offspring.
  • Rats are very quick and agile in nature and can swim, climb vertical, jump up to 5 feet high. They can fall from a height of almost 50 feet without injuring themselves.
  • Rats can fit through any gaps, crevices or pipes which are at least 2 inches in diameter.
  • Rats are nocturnal creatures. They can live in the attics, basements or under the sink area for weeks and months together and yet go unnoticed.
  • They can feed on any type of food like cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables and can survive on very little water.
  • Rats can be easily identified by their marks, droppings the damaged property that is chewed upon or even the unusual squeaky noise they make if they are hidden in a dark place.

Eliminate Rats Permanently

This can be done in easy steps:

  • Firstly, the simplest way to prevent rats or any type of rodents is to deny them access to food and water while making sure all the cracks and crevices for their possible entrances are sealed.
  • Secondly, if you suspect any weird rodent activity or squeaky noise, call in the professionals immediately before they start multiplying or cause further damage.

Rats: Did you know how scary they are?

  • Rats and all other types of rodents usually live very close to human settlements making them one of the major threats to the people.
  • They nibble on anything they find on their way including paper, wood and clothing while in the pursuit of food.
  • They chew on electrical wirings as well, causing short circuits and fire combustion.
  • Rats are an invasive species of pests that are commonly known for their nuisance creating habit by spreading diseases.
  • The rats while on the run usually leave behind their fecal dropping, dander or saliva which can lead to the contamination of food and contact surfaces thus transmitting some dangerous diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis.
  • Apart from these diseases they also transmit disease-causing fleas and bacteria which can weaken your immune system and lead to a headache and skin rashes.

Don't DIY: Give professional a try

  • The DIY rat control options are usually an undirected approach as the homeowner is inexperienced when it comes to dealing with the different species of rats and mice. The professionals with the quality training and all the years of in-hand experience know exactly where and how these Sticky traps will have a maximum impact. Depending on the type of your residence, the rat experts can customize the trapping solutions.
  • The cheap quality rat traps available easily on the internet as well as local hardware stores are not strong enough to successfully trap the agile creature. The instructions available on the internet on how to trap the rat seldom work for the amateurs. They are ineffectual during monsoons with all the moisture in the air as well as in summers when the humidity increases.
  • The cheap rat poison available in the home improvement stores or used by amateur local pest controllers may harm the family members more while the rodent will go unscathed.
  • Every time you find yourself discontented with your DIY mouse control treatment, you will be tempted to try another solution or mouse killer, spending more money each time. You might see the result but more often than not they are only temporary. The natural rat repellants available in the market also are not strong enough to tackle the serious rat problems. There are many websites that will misguide you on 'how to catch a rat' or 'how to kill rats' but most of these tricks require spending a huge amount of money regularly.
  • The application of most effective rat poison, as well as the sticky cards without proper caution, could prove dangerous to toddlers and pets. We at Hicare, make sure that you are totally aware of the ingredients used as well as its perfect positioning to avoid unnecessary complications to others around.

Tips and Tricks for Rat Prevention/How to keep rats away

Here are some practical, easy steps to get rid of cockroaches

  • Most importantly, keep your Kitchen clean. Wipe the food crumbs as well as the stains right away. Ensure that there is no sort of any food odour in the kitchen. Before going to sleep, clear the kitchen counter as well as the sink. Rats in the house are commonly attracted to the food crumbs.
  • Once a month clean thoroughly all the appliances as well as the nook and corners of the kitchen.
  • Always keep the food in the refrigerator. Sealed Packages, Airtight steel containers as well as glass bottles will do just fine.
  • Always cover your garbage bins with a tight lid. Avoid keeping the garbage bin in the kitchen. Dispose of the garbage regularly.
  • Seal all exterior cracks and crevices which could be a potential route for rats to break into your house. Concrete filling or wire mesh should be a best and an easy option.
  • Keep your house and mostly the loft and the basement clutter free. Always keep checking the ill-lit, dusky areas of the house once in a while.
  • In case you spot a rat, immediately book or dial up the experts in rat control services before the infestation further spreads.
  • Always handle rodents with proper clothing and gloves because if they are cornered, they tend to bite in their defense.
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