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Blueair Air Purifier

In metropolitan cities of India, air purifier has become one of the most important equipment in the household.

The ever-increasing urbanization and the huge amount of deforestation have led to a rise in air pollution all over the world and the deficient means to curb the pollution has only made it important to invest in an effective home air purifier.

Although being inodorous, the air inside the house is at least 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Smoke particles and cooking residue from the kitchen and spores and fungal or just plain dust inside our apartment make the air inside the house toxic and unbreathable without our realization.

Another fact that should be considered is we spend almost 90% of our time indoors and hence it is absolutely necessary that the air quality inside the house is monitored. Keeping in mind the dreadful consequences, Hicare, India’s no. 1 home and commercial hygiene brand has partnered with Blueair to ensure every citizen of the country lives a healthy lifestyle.

Blueair, a Swedish brand is known for its unparalleled innovations in the industry of air purification services. With some powerful air purifiers in their catalog, Blueair has designed home air purifiers for all type of needs, size and budget.

The iClassic series is fitted with advanced technology and is absolutely perfect and compact for large rooms or for a corporate environment. The Bluepure series has been a stunning brainchild from Blueair where the design of the instrument is on par with the performance of the device.

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