Why Bird Solution

Birds are beautiful like kingfisher and peacocks but did you know they can be very dangerous as well for human beings. Pigeons, sea gulls and a few similar birds can quite literally cover your home with filthy droppings. These droppingsstink the place up but they also carry dangerous bacteria, toxic chemicals and spores.

More than 60 known transmittable diseases including viral pneumonia, Viral Influenza, WestNile disease and salmonella are spread by common urban and rural birds. The bacteria found in the waste of many species of birds create a huge health risk to those living in close proximity to them.

The most dangerous of these "feathered pests" in urban cities are pigeons. Pigeons make the very air you breathe highly toxic with bacteria and spores. Doctors say that pigeon droppings, loose feathers and the dust they shake when fluttering their wings is the cause of an alarming spread of Asthma and upper respiratory illnesses.

These are chronic and sometimes fatal for children, senior citizens and lung patients. These and other bird species also carry E. coli and their droppings which cause fever, flu, chest pain, coughing which can lead to Chronic Pulmonary Disorder (COPD). Some birds build nest that obstruct vents or drainpipes.

Keeping all these in mind it's highly important that the bird netting is done to make sure you lead a happy and a relaxed life.