• Ideal for large lobbies, bars and dining areas, the uplighter is silent in operation, with caught insects hidden from view.
  • Designed for use in front-of -house areas, decorative flykillers discreetly protect areas which are highly visible to customers. Insects are attracted by UV light then retained with highly effective glueboards to ensure that flying insects are kept at bay.
  • Decorative units are ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, reception areas, food service and dining areas.
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  • High performance electric, glue board fly killer
  • Patented dual wavelength Synergetic® Green light technology for 30% more catch
  • Shatterproof tubes as standard
  • Tool free maintenance
  • Allows easy cleaning
  • Safety features to ensure speedy and safe lamp replacement.
  • Simple wall or ceiling mounting
  • All metal construction with stainless steel or white coated mild sheet finish for strength and durability
  • Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards
  • 5 years warranty for machine body
  • Glue boards remains sticky upto 90 days.
  • Stylish, effective and ideal for front of house applications



Uplighter, 15 watt, Silver

    • DIMENSIONS (M M) H x W x D

1 9 0 x 5 3 0 x 1 5 3

    • COVERAGE (M²)

3 0

    • TUBES

1 x T G X 1 5 – 1 8


1 x 6 1 7 1

    • WEIGHT (KG)


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