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Service Details :

     - For BED Bugs:

  • Experts do a thorough inspection of hiding spots of bed bugs and inject the areas with advanced chemicals
  • A mild odour spray is applied ensuring complete treatment against bed bug
  • This is followed by a second round of treatment after 15 days to kill newly hatched bed bugs as their eggs cannot be destroyed at all

     - For Cockroach Control:

  • MAXFORCE gel is applied at the most suspected areas like wall cracks, crevices, holes in electrical appliances, etc.
  • For red and black ant control, an odourless liquid is put as a spot spray.

Benefits :

     - For BED Bugs:

  • It is highly effective and completely controls infestation of Bed bugs at home ensuring no bed bugs are found in the infected places post treatment

     - For Cockroach Control:

  • A completely odourless, hassle-free and safe solution for elders, kids, pets and persons with allergy.
  • No need to empty out your kitchen, hence very convenient.
  • Long-lasting and a highly efficient treatment which can be carried out at any time of the day.

Service Timeframe :

  • 45 Days Bed Bugs + Cockroach Single Service includes 2 services of BedBugs at intervals of 15 days and 1 Single Service of Cockroach Control
  • 90 Days Bed Bugs + Cockroach Single Service includes 4 services of BedBugs in span of 90 days and 1 Single Service of Cockroach Control

Warranty :

  • 45 Days Bed Bugs Service comes with 45 Days protection
  • 90 Days Service comes with 90 Days protection
  • Cockroach Single Service comes with protection of 90 Days

Benefits of Hicare Bed Bugs - Cockroach Pest Control

  • Bed bugs can be very dangerous, and there are many Bed bug control companies, but only Hicare uses best in class chemicals, approved by the Insecticides board.
  • Do it yourself pest control for bed bugs or Local pest control services use cheap chemicals that might not eliminate bed bugs permanently.
  • HiCare’s trained, skilled, background-verified professional technicians will use perfectly safe chemicals in just the right dosages so that kids, pets, pregnant women and allergy prone people do not suffer serious problems.
  • As the saying goes DIY cockroach control is being “Penny wise may be pound foolish” or in saving a few rupees you may be exposing your family to a lot of harm.
  • Our spray and MAXFORCE Gel applied for Cockroaches ensures your home is free from Cockroaches
  • You are safe, sure and secure with HI-CARE.

Don't DIY: Give professional a try

  • Many people suspect Bed bugs when they see little red welt on exposed areas of the body or tiny little dot-like bloodstains on bed- linen.
  • The bed bug is a hardy little hitchhiker that’s hard to detect and it’s even harder how to get rid of bed bugs in home permanently.
  • A thorough yet safe professional service can kill your bed bug problem completely. Local pest control services for bed bug control have been found highly dangerous, toxic and even fatal in a few cases.
  • Dangerous chemicals in unhealthy high doses and allergy inducing sprays are used by untrained people and yet there is no guarantee of continued infestation.
  • After proper inspection and treatment with safe and effective approve chemicals a second round of treatment kills newly hatched bedbugs too.
  • The unspoken guarantee is the sound sleep and peace of mind that Hicare gives you and your family.