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Pest Control Service in Andheri East and West:


T. M V Road, Gundavali 


Andheri East








Phone No : 8828333888 


Business Hours : From 9.00 a.m. To 6.00 p.m.



Mumbai is often known as the City of Dreams. People from small villages all across the country often come here in search of work and better opportunities. They say the city has it all and they’re not wrong. All includes pest infestations because of the high levels of industrialization and today, we’ll help you find the right pest control services in Andheri, Mumbai.

Finding pest control in Andheri is as easy as finding pest control anywhere else in the city. HiCare has coverage all across the country, from cities to towns to villages. The minute you need the help of a professional pest control service in Andheri, don’t hesitate to call us. Call our hotline or book a service from our website – www.hicare.in


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HiCare is your best option of a pest control service in Andheri, Mumbai. Whether it’s pest control Andheri East or pest control Andheri West, we have answers to it all. The procedure is fairly simple too. Accessibility is our prime feature and you can begin booking a pest control treatment by just calling on the hotline – 8828333888!

Further, say, “Alexa, Open HiCare” and this small chat with your virtual assistant can also have your booking done. If you’re wondering what services HiCare offers in Andheri, think no more. From hunting away nuisance birds to killing cockroaches to cleaning up mosquitoes and termites, bed bugs and more, we have solutions to all pest control and home hygiene problems.




1. Which is the best pest control service in Andheri??

HiCare is one of the leading brands of pest control in India and they also have pest control services in Andheri, which can be availed at the most competitive prices too. Call 8828333888 to book a service with HiCare.

2. Which is the best-selling service of HiCare in Andheri Area?

HiCare is known for its pest control services and treatment of a variety of insects like ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, nuisance birds and much more. However, when it comes to pest control in Andheri, HiCare’s termite treatment package has proven to be a bestseller. If you are facing a similar issue in Andheri, reach out right away.

3. What are the commonly seen pests in Andheri?

Something common we have seen all across Mumbai is the cockroach and mosquito situation, primarily because of the low levels of hygiene being maintained. Now that HiCare is providing high-quality pest control services in Andheri, Mumbai using only government-approved chemicals, this issue could be reduced in the locality.

4. Does HiCare accept cash payments?

We accept payments of all kinds towards our pest control services. However, HiCare offers an additional 10% discount if you can make an online payment towards the same. Yes, everyone’s supporting the ‘Go Green’ initiative. Visit www.hicare.in for more details on pest-control packages and their respective pricing.

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