Bird droppings and feathers create a stinky, gooey mess and cause diseases and allergies/asthma. Birds damage property from roofs and floors of the buildings to drainpipes, vents as well as condensing units of the air conditioners causing machinery harm and also affect the aesthetics of the building.

We offer the best pest control and bird netting services in India. We use only the best in class procedures to make sure all the birds creating nuisance are kept away from your homes and offices. We work with you to create custom designed bird prevention solutions. Thorough inspection of your property is done in case of complex sites on customer request to make sure we get maximum impact. Our technicians are highly skilled and certified. Choose Hicare over conventional methods for Bird netting - our method is to eradicate the root of the problem, rather than just eliminate surface nuisances. Our team of pest control operators and professional bird netting experts collaborate to design the perfect pigeon exclusion plan for your site.

Local players are usually inexpert guys who use hooks and fiber nets, which come loose after some days causing the nets come out from the sides totally defeating the purpose. Hicare, on the other hand uses quality and long lasting products; expert advice on the methodology for different buildings as they have different facades, hence different needs are mentioned. Hicare's trained and experienced manpower ensure safety and compliance with all regulatory standards.

Hicare uses a strong and sturdy Wire frame that is mounted securely on the walls with net bolts as corner fixings and screw pins to hold the netting in place (intermediate fixings). The metal fixings and wire rope are made from stainless steel. This keeps the structure robust and the net tight: so it also increases your visibility through the net. The polyethylene net is waterproof, durable, and long-lasting and does not stretch. Stainless steel bird spiking are used for certain kind of building facades. Our experienced man power gives the best expert advice on the methodology that is suitable for your home. We also provide a 3 year warranty for a stress free living thereafter.

Hicare USP for Pest Control and Bird netting Services