Mattress Steaming

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Our mattress steaming service involves 3 effective steps. We sanitize your mattress with pressurized steam without wetting it.

  • Step 1: Vacuuming of dust with vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters for maximum impact.
  • Step 2: Special steam treatment to disinfect and sanitize completely.
  • Step 3: Residual moisture or dissolved dirt vacuumed out.

Effective procedure to remove loose dust and sanitize with pressurized steam without wetting the fabric.


  • Please note that we do not guarantee removal of hard stains as part of the process. This process may not remove old and stubborn stains.
  • Customers are requested to avoid usage and allow 2 hours for complete drying of the mattress by letting the fan on along with natural ventilation. Drying time may vary with fabric type as well as material of filling of mattress.
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Benefits of Professional Mattress Steaming

  • Mattresses overtime collect dust, dirt and dust-mites. Certainly, mattresses play host to dust mites that are invisible to the naked eye but cause skin problems and allergies. In fact germs, dust and mites can cause upper respiratory breathing problems and lung infections. Maybe you think do-It-yourself will solve the problem: lifting up mattresses, dusting or even vacuuming. But how often have you done it. Even House-help is a very sketchy solution as they won’t really remove deep seated dirt and dust-mite debris.
  • It's time to call in the experts. Let our professional expertise and experience help you to really solve the problem, the safe, easy hassle free way. First we remove all the loose dust, mites, dust- mite debris hairs, and crumbs by a vacuum cleaner with a special HEPA filter. Next we do a gentle yet vigorous special steam treatment that completely sanitizes your mattress as we now steam is a natural and best disinfectant. Finally any residual moisture of dissolve dirt is sucked to. You are left with good and fresh as new smelling mattress.
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