How To Choose An Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a must and a great investment to avoid health hazards due to Indoor air pollution. You may not realise but the Air Quality Index in your city may be hitting hazardous levels outdoor and indoor. Be quick to invest in an efficient air purification system to breathe easy. Here are some key areas to focus while selecting one.

Room Size
Always consider the room size before buying air purifier systems. Room dimension helps you choose the right model that fits your needs. But if you’re suffering from allergies or asthma then go for a larger unit, make sure it matches your room size. Opt for Blue Pure 211 model as it cleans medium-sized to large rooms up to 5 times per hour!
High Clean Air Delivery Rate
Select the most efficient CADR air purifier that has the capacity to quickly clean the air indoor. With higher CADR, the much more cleaned air is circulated indoor within an hour. Get the iClassic 480i Blueair purifier, the best indoor air purifier that cleans entire room air in just 10 minutes.
HEPA Filter
Look for HEPA filter technology that cleans the air of PM 2.5, viruses, bacteria, pollen, molds, Dust and harmful gases like CO2, NO2, O3 and VOC’s. It should be Wifi enabled to see the pollution readings and to quick start the purifier before you even reach home. Blue Pure and iClassic models will perfectly suit your needs. It delivers clean air, 5 times an hour. Use it with the Blueair Friend app for the best results!
Air purifier for dust
If you stay in a dusty area or your living space collects regular dust then go for a filter with a large air filter area as its more efficient and requires less replacement. Opt for Blueair Blue Pure or iClassic that have 360 degree filter coverage with large filter sizes to help filter out dust, bacteria and even harmful gases from the air and release clean and safe air to breathe.
Air purifier for VOC
Volatile Organic Compound is mostly found indoor and are present in a wide range of indoor products you didn’t know like - Personal care products like - nail polish, perfumes, hair spray, Dry cleaned clothes, Moth balls, Air fresheners, Released from air conditioners and refrigerators, Paints, Pesticides, Upholstered furniture, Carpets, plywood and pressed wood products. Therefore to prevent the VOC from entering your lungs, buy best-rated air-purified for VOC. Choose Blueair Blue Pure or iClassic range as it traps the harmful gases like VOC and releases clean and safe air.
Asthma air purifier
Air pollution contains particulate matter 2.5 that that can even enter your blood stream. These tiny air pollution particles trigger asthma attacks or strokes, even for a non-allergic person. So ensure to buy best-rated asthma air purifier that remove particles upto 0.1 micron, the size of a virus, to keep your lungs safe. The Blue Pure and iClassic range is just perfect for this.
Easy Maintenance
Air purifiers that have larger filter area or 360 degree intake are not only the easiest to clean but also require filter change less often. Choose a brand that gives you the benefit of after sales service to replace purifiers on demand instead of having to deal with it yourself. Blueair offers sales service that saves you time and effort for replacement filter purchase and installation.