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This is an extensive home cleaning service targeting homes with pets. This service Includes:-

  • Using UV Detector Light & identify the areas where there is stain
  • Vacuuming of Pet Fur Prone Areas – Sofa, Chairs, Mattress and Floors with HEPA Filter based vacuum cleaner
  • UV Treatment of Sofa, Chair cushions & Mattress
  • Application of Urine stain removal & Surfactant Chemical on Sofas, Chairs & Mattress & Scrub the affected area with Hand Scrubber
  • Sanitation of Floors, Sofa, Chairs and Mattress using steam
  • Extraction of moisture from Sofas, Chairs & Mattress


  • This service is not a full home deep cleaning service and will not cover cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms
  • Vacuuming and Sanitation of furniture will include Sofas (up to 5 seater), Mattress (up to 2 mattress), Chairs (up to 4 chairs) & curtains (up to 3 curtains). Additional units would require add on payment
  • Minimum drying time of 3-4 hours is required post service of sofa and mattress shampooing & extraction
  • 15 Amp plug point source required for connection of steam sanitation equipment
  • Carpet treatment is not covered in this service and would be an add on feature if required
    Duration of Service – 5-6 hours
    Manpower Required – 2


How is Pet Pro Home Cleaning different from a regular deep cleaning?

This is a specialized cleaning designed specifically for homes with pets. Our targeted areas for cleaning will be majorly areas where your pet tends to reside or sleep. This would be an extensive treatment involving cleaning of areas of the home where your pet tends to shed fur.

What would be the approximate duration of service?

This service would take roughly 5-6 hours depending on the size of the location.

What services are not included in the Pet Pro Home Cleaning service?

We would not be doing a full home deep cleaning which includes cleaning areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Instead the focus would be on cleaning and sanitizing areas where your pet usually lays down or sleeps.

Does this include tick treatment?

No we are currently not offering a specialized treatment of ticks.

Does the No Fur treatment service help in controlling fur shedding?

No. Our No Fur treatment will address the fur shedding problem by cleaning or removing the fur shed and pet dander. It will not help in controlling the shedding of pet fur.

How many team members would be deployed for the service?

We would be deploying 2 hygiene experts for the completion of the service.

Are my pets safe during the service?

All our chemicals are safe to use around pets. However, it is recommended that your pet can wander freely post service to avoid any unchecked ingestion of chemicals.