Express Cleaning

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  • Furniture Dusting
  • Mattress Vacuuming
  • Cupboard Cleaning from outside
  • Windows & Grills
  • Lighting Fixtures


  • Showers and Taps
  • Windows & Exhaust Fan
  • Floor and Tile Scrubbing
  • Cobweb removal
  • Shelves and cabinets from outside and open shelves if emptied
  • Mirror and Glass Cleaning
  • Water closet, wash basin and shower area


  • Window & Door
  • Wiping of Appliances from Outside
  • Cabinets from outside
  • Kitchen Platform


  • Furniture Dusting
  • Sofa and Curtain Vacuuming
  • Cupboard Cleaning from outside
  • Mirror and Glasses

General cleaning

  • Toilet Cleaning- Deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of bathrooms and toilets.
  • Floor Sterilization- Wet and dry mopping covering all spaces
  • Window Cleaning- cleaning all glass panes and windows that are safe to access.
  • Furniture Cleaning - Dust proofing of all furniture, mattress and curtain with HEPA filter vacuum cleaner.
  • Walls and Ceiling- Removing cobwebs, cleaning lighting fixtures and fans.


  • We do not do wet wiping of walls & ceiling in this service. This can be added as an add-on service with additional charges of Rs.1500/ for standard 1 BHK, Rs 2000 for 2 BHK and Rs 2500 for 3BHK and would require additional time.
  • We will clean all cupboards, cabinets and drawers from outside.
  • Heavy fixtures and furniture would not be moved by team.
  • Customers are requested to provide ladder/stool required for higher elevations.
  • Cleaning of exterior utility areas is not inclusive.
  • How many cities are Hicare Home Cleaning services available?

    We are currently present in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Pune.

  • What should I do if my pincode is showing non serviceable area?

    You can give us a call at 39889988 or email us at

  • Does someone have to be present at home while availing the services?

    The service can be done in customer’s absence however one authorized representation from customer’s side is requested as permission is sought by our team before accessing certain areas like Cup-board or Enclosures, highlight if any area is fragile, hand over precious items if its lying in open etc. Exceptions being new or full empty house where customer’s presence is only requested at the start and finish for handover process. One Team leader is deployed for every full house cleaning jobs like Intensive, Deep Cleaning Services to supervise and coordinate with customer.

  • Do I have to organize cleaning supplies or team will bring its own?

    The team will carry relevant cleaning chemicals and aids as per the service booked. We would request to provide basics such as ladder, garbage bin and mop bucket. Live electricity and water supply is required.

  • What if I am not happy with the service provided?

    At Hicare we can assure you of the best professional service however if you have any complaints, suggestions or feedback in regards to the service quality or the team, pricing etc please give us a call to our customer care at 39889988 or email us at It is advised to do this within 24 hours of your service delivery.

  • What happens if there is any damage occurs during the service?

    In the unlikely event of any damage done during the service you can give us a call at our Customer Care support 39889988 or email us at

  • What happens in case the requested job takes more time than expected?

    We understand that your time is valuable and will always strive to limit the time spent by cleaning expert at the site. However the job might take longer than expected based on the level of soiling or nature of cleaning. Please do expect a buffer of an hour more or less than the stated time to complete the task.

  • Are the chemicals used safe and bio-degradable?

    Hicare Home cleaning uses chemicals from the Global brand “DIVERSEY ” having Green seal certification. All the chemicals are odorless and safe for infants, aged people and pets.


How is Hicare's Express Cleaning service different from day-to-day daily cleaning?

Day-to-day cleaning is limited to sweeping and mopping where one tends to ignore the crevices, corners or under furniture. Your home needs a deep cleaning to get rid of germs, dirt and pesky stains. Periodic deep cleaning will improve the hygiene levels. Our endeavor is to give your home a spa-like treatment, with the help of professionally trained crew, equipped with state of the art machinery and eco-friendly chemicals (Diversey®).

What is the duration of Express Cleaning Services?

Express cleaning of a regular apartment takes 4-5 hours however the duration varies with the size of the apartment and the amount of dirt.

How often should Express Cleaning services be scheduled for a house?

To keep your home sanitized and improve hygiene we recommend to schedule Express Cleaning services once every month.

Why is Express Cleaning services priced higher as compared to regular cleaning services?

Home Express Cleaning services are slightly higher priced as compared to regular cleaning because of the coverage of the service. The service is carried out by professionally trained cleaning experts who use state of the art machinery and eco-friendly chemicals (Diversey®). Specialized chemicals are used for different surfaces.The rates are inclusive of transportation cost and service tax as per Government policies.

What services are not included in Express Cleaning Services?

Express Cleaning is a specialist and quick service which have some exclusions like sofa shampooing, utensil cleaning, cleaning the interiors of the kitchen appliances & personal wardrobes and cabinets, chandeliers, mechanized floor cleaning & clearing of construction debris. You can however book some of these services separately - like Sofa Shampooing, & Mattress steaming.

Does cleaning inside cabinets and wardrobes included in Express cleaning?

No, it includes cleaning from outside. For interior cleaning of cupboards and cabinets please book Intensive cleaning service.

Does Hicare offers any warranty on the services delivered?

Hicare does not provide any warranty for the cleaning services. We can assure you of the best professional service however if you have any complaints, suggestions or feedback in regards to the service quality or the team, pricing etc please give us a call to our customer care at 39889988 or email us at It is advised to do this within 24 hours of your service delivery.

Does the service guarantee 100% stain removal?

We do not guarantee complete removal of old/hard stains in the process of cleaning. We will try to the best of our ability without damaging the surface.

Does Express Cleaning include emptying of kitchen trolleys by Technician?

No, Kitchen trolleys are not emptied by our technician in express cleaning service. However, kitchen trolleys are emptied cleaned from inside and restacked in our Kitchen cleaning package. If interior cleaning of cabinets and modular trolley is required we recommend booking Intensive cleaning package or kitchen cleaning package.

What is the turnaround time for full house cleaning Packages like Intensive/deep/Express Cleaning?

Ready to use post cleaning

Does Express cleaning include cleaning of exterior areas of vilas/bunglow/row houses?

Express Cleaning covers accessible interiors only however exterior cleaning for pathways, open terraces can be arranged post inspection and charged separately.

Are there any charges for inspection?

We do not charge for any inspection. Inspection can be arranged on prior request only.

Would the prices change in case the area specified at the time of booking is lesser than the actual area?

If the area of apartment/house is more than what was specified/quoted at the time of booking, additional charges will apply based on scope of work.

Is Fridge and chimney cleaning from inside is included in Express Cleaning?

In all cleaning services Refrigerator and chimney are cleaned from outside. Refrigerator cleaning from inside is a separate add on paid service.

Do I need to empty the shelves prior to the Refrigerator Cleaning service?

Our cleaning experts will remove and restack items in the racks during cleaning. Customer is requested to make alternate storage arrangement for perishable food items like fruits, vegetable during the process of cleaning.

Cleaning Service
Intensive Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Express Cleaning
General Coverage
Wall Washing
Wall Dusting
Ceiling Dusting
Fan & Light Fittings Cleaning
Furniture Dusting & Vacuum cleaning
Cobweb Removal
Mirror & Glass Cleaning
Hard Floor Scrubbing
Rooms & Living Rooms
Chandelier cleaning
Vacuum cleaning of curtains, carpet & mattress
Cupboards & Storage Units interior cleaning if empty
Cupboards & Storage Units exterior cleaning
Painting Frame Dusting
Balcony Cleaning
Accessable window channel cleaning
Door & Window frame Dusting
Fixed wall units dusting
Kitchen & Pantry
Kitchen cabinets & trolley Cleaning
Kitchen Cabinets & trolley interior Cleaning if empty
Assist in removal & setting of items in cabinets
Degreasing Exhaust Fan & Chimney hood exteriors
Electrical appliances exterior Cleaning
Kitchen platform sanitization
Bath, sink and WC sanitization
All fixtures and fittings descaling
Mirror & tiles Cleaning

Benefits of Professional Express Cleaning

  • In this fast moving world, flexibility is the key and Hicare through its Express Cleaning provides just that. Maids usually need supervision when it comes to proper cleaning of the house and the local service providers usually tend to compromise on their work, if quick cleaning is required. If you are moving in a new flat & want a reliable professional service, this service is best for you. We will ready this house to become your home and clean the washrooms, rooms, hall and kitchen in a few hours.
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