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3 Step process followed

  • Step 1 Vacuuming Treatment: Our high power suction equipment will suck and remove all the dust and dust mites embedded in the carpet.
  • Step 2 Foam treatment: We shampoo your carpet with chemical foam to remove and dislodge the finest particles of grime.
  • Step 3 Injection Extraction: Our advanced extraction machine removes residual dirt and moisture so you get soft supple germ free carpet.


  • Letting fan or air conditioner switched on post the service for carpet to dry along with natural ventilation & drying time will vary as per the thickness of the pile of carpet. Complete drying may take around 4-5 hours.
  • Heavy furniture would not be moved by our team.
  • Old and stubborn stains will be attended to the best of our ability. However, we can’t guarantee 100% stain removal as certain stains if treated further, can damage the carpet.
  • How many cities are Hicare Home Cleaning services available?

    We are currently present in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Pune.

  • What should I do if my pincode is showing non serviceable area?

    You can give us a call at 39889988 or email us at

  • Does someone have to be present at home while availing the services?

    The service can be done in customer’s absence however one authorized representation from customer’s side is requested as permission is sought by our team before accessing certain areas like Cup-board or Enclosures, highlight if any area is fragile, hand over precious items if its lying in open etc. Exceptions being new or full empty house where customer’s presence is only requested at the start and finish for handover process. One Team leader is deployed for every full house cleaning jobs like Intensive, Deep Cleaning Services to supervise and coordinate with customer.

  • Do I have to organize cleaning supplies or team will bring its own?

    The team will carry relevant cleaning chemicals and aids as per the service booked. We would request to provide basics such as ladder, garbage bin and mop bucket. Live electricity and water supply is required.

  • What if I am not happy with the service provided?

    At Hicare we can assure you of the best professional service however if you have any complaints, suggestions or feedback in regards to the service quality or the team, pricing etc please give us a call to our customer care at 39889988 or email us at It is advised to do this within 24 hours of your service delivery.

  • What happens if there is any damage occurs during the service?

    In the unlikely event of any damage done during the service you can give us a call at our Customer Care support 39889988 or email us at

  • What happens in case the requested job takes more time than expected?

    We understand that your time is valuable and will always strive to limit the time spent by cleaning expert at the site. However the job might take longer than expected based on the level of soiling or nature of cleaning. Please do expect a buffer of an hour more or less than the stated time to complete the task.

  • Are the chemicals used safe and bio-degradable?

    Hicare Home cleaning uses chemicals from the Global brand “DIVERSEY ” having Green seal certification. All the chemicals are odorless and safe for infants, aged people and pets.


What is the drying time for Sofa/Chair/Carpet post Cleaning?

For all Fabric sofa/chair a drying time of 2-3 hours is required by letting the fan on along with natural ventilation. 90% moisture is extracted during cleaning process remaining to be air dried. Drying time may vary with fabric type and weather conditions. For all leather sofa/chair no drying time is required, ready to use post cleaning. For Carpet drying time of 3-4 hours is required. It should not be used till it dries completely otherwise it may not smell fresh and get stained again easily.

Does the service guarantee 100% stain removal?

We do not guarantee complete removal of old/hard stains in the process of cleaning. We will try to the best of our ability without damaging the surface.

Is Sofa Polishing service available for Rexin, Leatherite or leatherette sofa also?

Yes, sofa polishing service can be availed for Rexin, Leatherite or leatherette sofa also at the same charge.

What type of Fabric Sofas is not suitable for Sofa Shampoo?

Delicate fabrics like Silk, Suede and velvet fabrics are not suitable for any water based treatment and needs to be dry cleaned. As Sofa Shampoo is water based treatment hence is not recommended for delicate fabrics.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Spa

  • Your carpets are an expensive buy, made of expensive fabrics and carefully knotted to make beautiful patterns and soft supple. Don’t try using harsh detergents or cleaning solutions which will only damage the fabric and not even get to the root of the problem: which is the deeply ingrained grime and dust-mites hidden deep within. It’s time to say hello to a professional cleaning service which is comprehensive and detailed. We use advanced, specialized machinery that is top-of-the-line and the safest, specialty chemicals that will extract dirt, grime, and dust-mites and kill germs too. Your carpet will be soft, supple feel fresh and shine like new. You love to pamper yourself at a beauty spa and come out feeling fresh and energized. Doesn’t your precious carpet deserve a spa day too?
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