Why Mosquitoes Love To Bite Some People More?

Yes, you heard it right, mosquitoes also have taste preferences! Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others? When it comes to feeding, they are choosy too. Some people tend to be bitten more frequently than others. Have you ever noticed why mosquitoes bite certain people and others are totally spared of the same? And how sometimes mosquitoes bite some people and not others in your family too?

In this blog, we will answer all these questions and more. Why mosquitoes target some people considering them their favourite? What is it about those unlucky few that make them the mosquito bites magnet? Well, there is an infinite number of mosquito species, all having different preferences when it comes to who they love to bite. And guess what? Only the female mosquitoes bite as they need a nutritional diet to develop eggs.

Here are a few factors that throw light upon what attracts mosquitoes and why mosquito bites are more in few people :


Did you notice that mosquito bites increase more after your exercise session? Well, this is because mosquitoes are attracted more to lactic acid produced by your body after it is subjected to physical strain like exercise or workout.

Tips to prevent mosquito bites:

  • Keep bathrooms dry and clean
  • Throw away trash from the bin daily
  • Keep your cabinets clean and avoid any dampness
  • Check drainage & pipes for any leakage and repair if needed
  • Clean, clean, clean! Keep the kitchen as clean as you can


The second most prone places that attract mosquitoes is the basement of your house, it can easily become a home to these annoying creatures too. They are happiest if they can hide under heaters, furnaces, washers and all dark places as they can easily escape from you.

Tips to prevent mosquito bites:

  • Keep the areas lighted up as the pests won't hide where there is no darkness
  • Keep the basement clear of any dirt
  • Don't keep the area damp
  • Repair all leakages and dripping appliances to prevent musty smells and moisture as that may attract bugs and rodents too.


Shelter and hiding spot is what attracts mosquitoes into your living rooms and bedrooms. These spaces in your home offer those pests everything they want from biting you to getting a cozy corner for them to breed infest. What attracts mosquitoes to your living room and bedroom are plants, dark humid places and stored water. So prevent mosquito bites by keeping these places well lit, dry and check on plants often to spot any breeding of mosquitoes in the soil.



What's your blood type by the way? Feel lucky if you do not have the type O blood group. This is because mosquitoes bite people with type O blood more as per research. Which are the least attractive group of blood, you ask? Its type A blood!


Those who consume alcohol attract more mosquitoes because having alcohol makes one's body temperature to increase. An increased body temperature gives out heat and heat attracts mosquitoes, making them bite you.


Did you know that pregnancy is what attracts mosquitoes? Yes, some species of mosquitoes are more attracted to pregnant women that those who are not. Reason for this being that pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide than others hence mosquito bites happen more often. This fact can be related to how Zika virus posed a threat to babies by infecting a lot of pregnant mothers.


Mosquitoes use their eyes to target their victims. Hence their visual power makes them move towards a person and eventually bite them. They usually attack people early in the morning or later in the afternoon. What attracts mosquitoes is dark colour clothing, especially black and red makes them spot you more!

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