The Health Hazards of Air Pollution

Air pollution is a phenomenon that occurs when any additional gas, particles or odours are introduced into the air. This distorts the natural balance of the atmosphere also making it unsafe to the health of human beings. This is because the air becomes impure and hazardous for humans to breathe and becomes prone to various respiratory diseases. The effect of air pollution is due to industrial sources, waste disposal and various automobile sources. It drastically affects and results in health hazards of air pollution. In fact, the emission from Motor Vehicles is the largest single source of air pollution in major cities around the world.

Exposure to air pollution in urban settlements and large metropolitan cities as well as industrial areas has harmful effects on human health. Hazardous gases in the environment by a number of different sources and activities cause adverse effects on human health. In addition, it ranges from asthma to reduced lung function to pimples and skin irritation. The release of pollutants in the environment has increased manifolds in the past few decades. It has massively escalated the content of hazardous gases in the environment. Due to this, it has increased in minor as well as major effects on human health. It has impacted a number of different systems and organs in the human body.

The health hazards of air pollution are mostly diseases that are in the direct exposure of air in one way or the other like the lungs and the skin. It ranges from minor disorders like eye allergy, nasal allergies like sinusitis, throat infection to chronic respiratory and heart disease. Also to lung cancer, acute lung infections in children whose lungs are just developing, irritating skin disease, or asthmatic attacks and in some cases even fatal consequences.

The most common air pollutants and the effects of Air pollution on Human health are:

1. Health Effects of Industrial and Motor Vehicle Emission :

Sulphur Dioxide, a poisonous gas is one of the main by-product of industrial and motor vehicle emissions having a terribly irritating smell. Constant exposure to Sulphur dioxide can lead to a higher occurrence of cough, sneeze, and cold. It also leads to shortness of breath, bronchitis, and fatigue. Air infected with Sulphur Dioxide is the chief reason for asthmatic attacks in the vulnerable victims. Eye irritation, eye-watering, shortness of breath, lung damage are other common ailments found in individuals.

2. Health Effects of Incomplete Combustion of Fuel :

Incomplete Combustion of fuel mainly leads to Carbon Monoxide. This colourless and odourless gas mostly results in disease related to heart like heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases among others. It also leads to Headaches, reduced mental awareness, fetal development disorders. Carbon Monoxide in excess may affect the lungs and lead to a weakening of lung functions. It may have a drastic effect on cardiovascular organs of the body and could lead to fatigue and low productivity in a healthy individual.

3. Health Effects of Road Traffic and other Fossil Fuel Combustions :

Nitrogen dioxide is one pollutant mostly which is mostly found at major road junctions and in heavy industrial areas. It also one of the main contributors of smog and has a prominent effect on human health. Too much vulnerability to Nitrogen Dioxide can lead to various respiratory and lung diseases infections. It leads to lung irritation and respiratory symptoms for example cough, chest pain, difficulties breathing.

4. Health Effects of Pollutants mixed with Solar Light :

Ozone mostly formed in the ozone layer is basically the byproduct of other pollutants combined with solar light. The most common diseases caused by this gaseous pollutant are eye and throat irritation, cough, asthma, bronchitis. The most severe health effect of Ozone though is the high risk of death from a lung infection.

5. Health Effects of Particulate Matters :

Particulate matters are basically small particles of gas, dust or other matters including thin droplets of liquid. The hazardous nature of the particulate matter is directly proportional to the size of the particle. The smaller the particles, the more they cause damage to the respiratory system. It can have some drastic effects in the lung causing rapid loss of air pipe functions. It also exaggerates infections like bronchitis, pneumonia in already infected individuals.

Few facts about Air Pollution are :

1) Pollutants that are released into the air, as opposed to land and water pollutants are the most dangerous. 2) Air pollution poses a greater threat to children due to their smaller physical size and breathing capacities. 3) Inhaling contaminate air takes away at least 1-2 years of human life. 4) According to a study, 1 out of 8 casualties in the world is directly or indirectly associated with air pollution. Considering all these facts, the best solution to stop the harmful gases and odours from entering your lungs is an air purifier. An air purifier is an appliance which removes the minute dust particles from the air in a room. It makes the home a safe place to stay breathing fresh air. It helps an individual live a healthier lifestyle without a major change in their routine. After all, an average Human being spends most of his time at his house and hence an air purifier is an essential appliance. HiCare brings to India, the best in class HEPA Silent Air Filtration System with Swedish giant Blueair Purifier. The air purifiers use revolutionary HEPA Air Purification technology to make indoor air pollutant free. All our Air Purifiers are hand-picked to best protect you and your family's health. Don't breathe polluted air indoor. Get a HiCare Air purifier and breathe pure air as nature intended. Speak to us to know how to invest in a quality and efficient air purification system to breathe easy.

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