Tips For Travellers To Stay Safe from Chikungunya

Chikungunya virus

Mosquitoes spread many types of viruses and parasites that cause diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, and Zika. You may ask your doctor about chikungunya virus and malaria prevention medicine. But must take care to avoid mosquito bites to stay safe from infection while travelling. Infected mosquitoes transmit the Chikungunya virus to humans by, which have bitten […]

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Signs and Symptoms of Chikungunya Fever

chikungunya fever symptoms

What is Chikungunya (चिकनगुनिया) and how does it spread? Female mosquitoes need the protein in blood to develop their eggs. During the monsoon, pools of water provide a perfect breeding place; but even vases, planters and small amounts of water are fine for breeding. Female mosquitoes that are infected with the Chikungunya virus, are prevalent […]

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