chikungunya fever symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Chikungunya Fever

What is Chikungunya (चिकनगुनिया) and how does it spread?

Female mosquitoes need the protein in blood to develop their eggs. During the monsoon, pools of water provide a perfect breeding place; but even vases, planters and small amounts of water are fine for breeding. Female mosquitoes that are infected with the Chikungunya virus, are prevalent in India. They bite humans, drink their blood and thus infect them with the virus, causing the Chikungunya fever and diseases. Don’t ignore Symptoms of Chikungunya fever. Take Immediate treatment.

What attracts them to Humans?

Body odor, strong scents, lactic acid and secretions from our bodies. Also type O blood (the most common type) and warm Carbon Dioxide we all exhale. These are very attractive to Chikungunya disease.

symptoms of chikungunya fever

Symptoms of Chikungunya Fever

Most people infected with the Chikungunya virus develop symptoms 3-7 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. The most obvious Chikungunya symptoms are fever and joint pain. But other symptoms include a headache severe body ache, muscle pain, joint swelling and a mild rash. Many patients feel better in a week or two. But sometimes the Chikungunya virus results in acute Symptoms of Chikungunya like bone-crushing feelings of overall body ache. Chikungunya doesn’t usually result in death. But some symptoms of chikungunya fever can be chronic and disabling and last for many months. It is easy to detect symptoms of chikungunya in adults people at risk. More serious Chikungunya diseases are in newborns and small children. Symptoms of chikungunya in children go unnoticed. Also in senior citizens and people with pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or heart diseases.

Chikungunya Epidemics

During recent Chikungunya epidemics, it was observed by doctor-scientist that symptoms of Chikungunya in adults and children may cause long-term symptoms following acute infection. This condition has been termed “Chronic Chikungunya virus-induced arthralgia”. Senior Citizens in a wide-ranging study reported prolonged painful joints, as much as three years after initial Chikungunya infection. More than half of the patients studied reported long-term muscular skeletal pain. In another study, 66%people reported muscle and joint pains (asthenia), a year after acute Chikungunya mosquito infection. You should take small infants, and toddlers to the doctor/hospital upon suspicion of Chikungunya.

Muscle biopsy of a person shows viral antigens suffering recurrent severe episodes of Chikungunya symptoms. That too in three months after the first episode. Hence although not normally life-threatening Chikungunya can cause distressing, debilitating and even disabling symptoms: particularly in the already weak, ailing or elderly persons. Avoiding suck symptoms and situations is obviously a priority. It can alleviate symptoms till the virus gets out of the system.

Prevention, it is said, is better than cure. In this case of this painful infection, it is essential to get a complete mosquito-control program. Complete that yearly from a professional pest control service provider. Mosquitoes spread many diseases. Stay safe from them. Otherwise, you might have to visit doctors for Chikungunya treatment.

Call The Chikungunya Experts for KPB

Home remedies might be a good solution up to a certain extent. But for better care of your family from symptoms of chikungunya, we recommend Hicare Anti-Chikungunya Anti-Dengue Pest Control Service. Kill Protect Block Technology is a three-step Chikungunya mosquito control service that stops the mosquitoes from breeding in the first place while terminating the already present mosquitoes. Central Insecticide Board approves odorless and colorless Bayer Chemicals. They assure best results and safety for everyone including children, pets, and people with allergy.

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