Homes that stay roach free even in winters; Courtesy – HiCare

Winter is here!

This isn’t a Game of Thrones reference, but a call to attention. Now that we have that attention, we want you to be aware of one of the most common misconceptions about winters in our country.

After a season of blistering heat and insects followed by monsoons and more insects, homeowners believe the insects stay away in winters. That is an absolute myth.

Cockroaches and other creepy crawlies all exist in winter; it’s just that they prefer not showing up. They take shelter in your homes till a more suitable climate to reveal themselves.

Should you do something about it? Yes.

What can you do for roach free winter?

There are many options. A frequent thorough home cleaning is good, but to get rid of infestations or permanently get rid of the dangers of insects such as cockroaches, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s better to call the professionals. In this case, we’re talking about pest control services and who better than HiCare to help solves these problems – India’s leading #1 pest control company.

We provide a wide range of services at affordable prices, giving you and your family the chance to life insect-free and thus, stress-free and disease-free lives.

Don’t ignore the damages that cockroaches can create, as well as the illnesses they can spread. Call us on 8828333888 to set up an appointment and have our experts at your home in no time.

Hidden cockroaches can wreak havoc in households but Advanced BAYER® gel is something they cannot escape from, while this odourless gel is also safe for the members of your household.

Best-in-class technology!

Our technology has become the best over the years and we have plenty of solutions to get rid of cockroaches in your homes. Our services not only include a complete wipe away of these insects and the diseases they could spread, but they also include our 2X Ultra Cover Kitchen pest control service that has dual benefits to give you kitchen pest control with kitchen cleaning.

The gel is applied in all suspected cockroach-inhabited areas like wall cracks, sofas, crevices, holes, cabinets, kitchen appliances, and other places. The gel is hassle-free and is extremely safe for elders, kids, pets and family members with different allergies. What’s more is that this gel treatment doesn’t require your kitchens to be emptied out or other furniture to be moved around. Our engineers will make a visit and get your house cockroach-free in a matter of just a few minutes.

HiCare promises these fantastic services at incredible rates that will make you want to give us a call right away or even call us on 8828333888 . After the application of the BAYER® gel in your homes, we promise that you will see results within 2 weeks (14 days), as that’s how long it will take to reach out to the entire cockroach colony.

Here are the different cockroach control services HiCare has:

Pest Free Homes & Kitchen
Complete Home Cockroach Control Odourless, hassle-free and safe solution for elders, kids, pets, and persons with allergy.
Advanced Cockroach-Ant Control Advanced effective ant pest control for red ants, black ants, crazy ants along with cockroaches.
2x Ultra Kitchen Pest Control Specialised cleaning and disinfecting of your kitchen followed by cockroach control.
Cockroach Car Pest Control Innovative pest management of cars with Roach alarm Trap’

Here is what our happy customers have to say about the cockroach control services we offer. Go on read their testimonials

HiCare’s treatment is effective yet odourless
Mrs. Sejal Haria – Worli, Mumbai

My kitchen used to be infested by pest for a very long time, mostly cockroaches and ants. As I am very fond of cooking and making all kinds of sweets and snacks, it was very difficult to deal with the pest. I saw HiCare’s ad and called them. I don’t regret a single penny spent on the HiCare’s service, so amazing it was. A good inspection followed with an efficient treatment made sure my cooking activity never stopped. I had tried a spray but hated the stinky smell. HiCare’s treatment was safe and also odourless. I recommend Hicare to my kitty party friends and to relatives.

Safety from Cockroach
Hamida Bi – Kurla – Mumbai

I really wish to thank the people of Hicare for having solved the cockroach problem we were facing for so many years. There are many eateries nearby our locality and they throw a lot of garbage; sometimes the garbage is not collected for a few days at a stretch. All these plus the sticky monsoon weather have attracted a lot of cockroaches in my home. The household cockroach sprays for killing them was also ineffective as they kept coming back. The Hicare guys with their scientific gels made sure that there were no more cockroaches in the house as well as safe for the elders in my family. Hicare really gave us the highest care from cockroaches.

I wouldn’t use anyone but HiCare
Naresh Thadani – Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

For some years now, we have been getting our flat pest controlled by Hicare. We had gone to visit our in the U.S. for over six months. On return, I investigated a cockroach infestation and my wife refused to use the car. I called the Hicare experts and once again was impressed by their professionalism, courteous ways and swift yet excellent service. The car is clean and pest free. I like the fact Hicare uses safe, odourless chemicals for their cockroach control and other services. I wouldn’t dream of trusting my home and family’s welfare to anyone else.

All these services include brilliant after-service as well. Our trained technicians will resolve your complaints at no extra charge during the warranty periods. Like we mentioned earlier, we offer high-quality services and also the most competitive rates in the market. What’s better is that you can make your house cockroach free at an even lower price if you decide to pay via online payment. Use the code “HICARE20” and flat 20% discount.

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