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Finding damage at home is never pleasant. Termites may wreak havoc on your home's structural timber as well as the regions around its windows and doors. A pest control service is important to help you get rid of these annoying critters. Serious infestations might also cause damage to your home's interior walls and wood furnishings. Because of the potential for devastation, termites are one sort of infestation that should not be ignored. Have you ever returned home to see little mounds of wood dust under your sofa? This is certainly a cause of termite infestation. And one solid effective treatment to the problem is hiring pest management services to handle it professionally.

Once they infiltrate your home and begin feasting on the foundation or your precious furniture, it becomes extremely tough to get rid of them, particularly given their microscopic size. Regularly conducting inspections of your home for the presence of termites and other pests may save you a lot of grief. One of the primary reasons termites are difficult to eradicate is that they are not detectable until they have inflicted significant damage and developed enormous colonies.

Although thousands of termites reside in these colonies, getting rid of them without expert aid is extremely difficult which is why there are pest management services. If termites have been discovered in your house, you must take quick termite protection steps by hiring a professional pest control treatment.

Step 1 - Identifying a Termite Infestation

  1. Look for termite wings, termite droppings, or dead termites. These warning indicators indicate that you have a termite infestation. Termites resemble flying ants in appearance. Termites, unlike ants, lose their wings after swarming.
  2. Look for tiny holes or sawdust-like materials in the wood in your home. Drywood termites, as their name implies, dwell in dry wood, whereas subterranean termites reside underground. Look for sawdust-like material around your home's openings and cracks.
  3. Examine the paint for blisters or cracks. Blisters and fissures are caused by termite tunnels that run too near to the paint on a wall's surface. This indicates that termites have established colonies within your home's walls.
  4. Knock on non-hollow walls to see whether the termites have hollowed them out. Termites can break down cellulose in wood, which provides them with a digestible food source. This can sometimes involve entire walls.

Every household should learn simple measures to keep termites at a distance. Termite treatment can save you money in the long run. Here's a list of things you can do to keep termites from spreading and assure a successful termite treatment:

  1. Termite Baits are a tried and true strategy. Hunting and gathering termites are drawn to the poison within these baits, which are placed around the perimeter of your apartment's foundation. The slow-acting poison stops termites from growing normally, killing them when they attempt to molt. Because the poison takes so long to take effect, sick termites will bring the pesticide back to the colony and spread it to more termites.
  2. Organizing frequent inspections is, of course, the greatest approach to preventing termites. Regular inspections by a competent specialist will guarantee that any problems are discovered early on before they cause major damage and necessitate costly repairs.
  3. Termites enter the home and wreak havoc for a variety of causes, including moisture. Water damage functions as an attractant, resulting in active termites in that region of the house almost always. The most common causes are leaking taps, showerheads, and toilets, which, if addressed early, can reduce the risk of a termite infestation .
  4. Air conditioners and hot water heater overflow pipes are two more sources of dampness and wetness. In most situations, the overflow plumbing or drainage outlet is located against the side of the property, causing water to collect along the edge of the wall. This draws termites to the region, and termites frequently get access to the property as a result.
  5. Maintain a Distance Between Soil and Wood. If you have a garden, make sure the soil and wood are separated. Most experts agree that a minimum of eighteen inches is required. This will assist to prevent termites from attacking your home's foundation and furniture. To establish a physical barrier for termites, use stones or cement to divide soil from the wooden area, especially in patios, gardens, and other areas.
  6. To get rid of the termites, get an expert pest control treatment. While do-it-yourself solutions may appear enticing, hiring a termite pest control service to eradicate the termites is the best option. While hiring pest management services may be more expensive up front, it will save you money in the long run when it comes to correcting structural damage to your home.
  7. By now if the items on the checklist are ticking off it’s too late already and you must hire a professional pest service to handle the matter. Termites have already made your life difficult. The harm has been done. If you are unable to control anything, contact HiCare for pest management services. This is the most crucial step since termites are cunning organisms that may stealthily nibble away at your property. Isn't it terrifying? As a result, have a professional termite pest control do inspections at regular intervals.

    We at HiCare highly advise you to leave termite extermination to our specialists. The cost of prevention is significantly less than the cost of losing valuable stuff. A skilled eye is required to detect concealed termite infestation. Taking preventative actions after you've already been infected with termites may help keep them from spreading, but it won't undo the harm. Treatment that is both quick and dependable is your best hope for not just eradicating present termite activity but also avoiding future infestations.

    Termite prevention begins with dependable pest control services and continues with monthly inspections and preventative treatments. Their 3-step procedure of drill, fill and seal ensures keep the pests away. Before starting their services they do an entire house inspection along with the customer for better knowledge. HiCare’s Termite Treatment Services are among the best in the pest management services and that’s why it’s a bestseller in Indian markets. Call HiCare at 8828333888 and have our technicians inspect your homes for white ants and termites or for more information, take a look at HiCare’s website.