If Nuclear Events Can't Kill Cockroaches, Why Can Insecticides?

Cockroaches, the moment anyone mentions their name in a room, there will be someone who is going to feel disgusted. This may come as a surprise to you, but these irritating creatures are older than dinosaurs. It is believed that the roach originated at least 300 million years ago when dry land on the planet was concentrated in a single mass called the Pangaea supercontinent.

Well, apart from being one of the oldest citizens of Earth's ecosystem, they are also among the only ones who can survive till the end. Yes! You read it right. From a devastating asteroid impact and a global pandemic to surviving a nuclear bomb and radiation, there is almost nothing that could kill cockroaches, which makes them one of the toughest and most resilient creatures planet earth has ever known.

While extensive research has proved that roaches have a remarkable ability to endure radiation, the thought that they can't stand the chemicals and pesticides used in the pest control plans may leave you confused. A creature that can survive a nuclear event, can be easily killed with an effective pest control service; how?

In this case, this comprehensive write-up is here to give you a little bit of clarity about it. However, before understanding that, let's take a brief look at them and their surprising abilities.

Cockroaches have an extraordinary ability to survive and thrive in both cold and extreme tropical environments, having survived the big asteroid that wiped out powerful dinosaurs 66 million years ago . They can squeeze through a crevice as narrow as a quarter of their body height in less than a second. These exceptionally annoying creatures can live for nearly a week without their heads . So, when they are so opt, strong, and adaptable, how can a combination of a few chemicals can cause them death.

Now coming to the point, the short answer to the query is that the combination of chemicals used in insecticides are powerful drugs tailored specially to affect cockroaches' neurological system when directly aimed, and many will leave long-lasting residual effects. On the other hand, nuclear bombs that are not specifically targeted at cockroaches may miss them underground for long enough for the radiation to disperse sufficiently for their survival.

To understand the process in little detail, here's an explanation for you.

Cockroaches are killed by insecticides because their biology is turned against them. The only thing that can kill them is their own metabolism because they are so flexible, hardy, and resilient. If a roach can't feed, it can't maintain its near-indestructible body. Due to a lack of food, its body will deteriorate and its organs will fail. It will only die then.

All pesticides work by starving or dehydrating the roach. However, each one approaches this goal in a unique way. This is made to produce diverse outcomes depending on the needs of the homeowner or exterminator who uses the poison.

Pesticides that damage the nervous system

Some pesticides target the neurological system of roaches. Electrical stimuli from the brain are blocked from reaching the rest of the body. This causes the roach to lose control of its motor skills and become helpless.

A roach will twitch and flop onto its back, its legs curling in on itself after its nervous system has been disrupted. These poisons are of the "fast-action" or "instant-kill" sort, which may be seen on many brand labels. They're typically sprayed or doused onto cockroaches.

Pesticides that damage organ

Other pesticides will act as a slow poison, causing internal organ damage until they are rendered useless. This will make it difficult for a roach to eat or process the food it does consume. As a result, it will suffer from nutrient deficiency and starvation.

The outer layer of a roach's body may be damaged by these chemicals. The roach's ability to stay hydrated is due to this layer. The roach will die of dehydration if that layer is destroyed.

These alternatives take longer to implement. They also require some preparation and consideration as to where they will be employed. They can, however, be destructive under the appropriate circumstances, especially in huge colonies.

Now, let’s move forward to the other essential aspect of using pesticides. Is buying the repellent spray enough or do you need professional pest control? Concluding this could be a bit tricky as it completely depends on an individual's choice. However, when it comes to safety concerns, the latter is a wise choice without a doubt.

Humans' exposure to such notorious pesticides can cause harmful effects while professionals have adequate knowledge of how to use them effectively. In addition, the over-the-counter products provide short-term relief whereas professional pest control for cockroaches has an integrated pest management strategy to keep these red-colour scavengers.

With that being said, HiCare has designed a scientific strategy to deal with a cockroach infestation. Understanding the "extraordinary" and "exceptional" abilities of cockroaches, HiCare has come up with India's first 4D Cockroach Control Treatment. The cockroach treatment not only controls the infestation but also ensures that these pests can't make their way to your home.

Here are the features that make HiCare's 4D Cockroach Control Treatment better than a local or professional cockroach pest control service:

  • Bayer Gel is applied in common yet hard-to-reach hotspots such as closed cabinet areas, under tables, door hinges & drawers.

  • Meanwhile, an odourless spray will be sprayed in all open areas such as window frames, balconies, bathrooms etc.

  • This comprehensive service also includes a patented technology enzyme based Drain Clean Powder to clean kitchen drains.

  • 1 year supply of 100% natural mint fragrance and biodegradable garbage bags that repel cockroaches from the garbage bin area.

  • Along with this completely odourless and hassle-free cockroach control treatment, the ant treatment is complementary.

Given their abilities, cockroaches can go to lengths for their dear life. Apart from invading a home and scaring its members at random hours of the day, roaches can also transmit diseases. Thus, contact HiCare and save your family's health from these pests.