Protect Books from Termites

Guide to Keep Your Collectible Books Termite Safe

Book Lovers Beware! Your collection of Best Seller Books, Fiction Books, Old Books, Classic Books, Romance Novels, Art Books and all good books to read are under Termite attack. You must protect books from termites.

As forests disappear steadily, termites in search for food are entering our homes. They eat wood & paper including books, currency notes and valuable documents kept in a safe or locker! You will never know where they are coming from. And if they are attacking your new books and second-hand books or your best books. Ýour best bet is to get a Termite prevention service to stop termites in the house.

Termites In-House. Few things to consider.

Did you say your society has done a termite treatment that gives you termite protection and you now don’t need a home termite treatment? Then you should know that the poor quality pre and post construction termite control by the builder or even the society and the water seepage or dampness on the walls of homes is the single biggest reason for attracting termites to your home so be quick to get a home termite treatment to protect books from termites.

Termite damage books and more.

So if you are an avid book reader with a large collection of top selling novels, good reading books and a collection of best sellers from authors like JK Rowling, Chetan Bhagat, Ruskin Bond or own the most collectible books like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Eclipse and more, then invest into a Preventive Home Termite Control Treatment without further delay.

Termites are like Twilight vampires. They never sleep and eat through your books and wooden furniture 24 by 7. Hence it is necessary to protect books from termites with a termite protection plan.

Expert Home Termite Treatment

Hire a professional well-trained and certified pest control service provider for the best preventive home termite treatment for termites in-house. Opt for HiCare TERMIN-8 the most advanced Anti – Termite Treatment. It helps to kill the termites completely while preventing its comeback in future and stops termite damage.

Termites in house ? Get Termite Prevention.

Termites in-house are the biggest fear for new homeowners. Non-furnished house or a fully furnished new rent house might seem like a dream come true. But beware before signing the lease contract with your landlord. Plan a home termite treatment before you move in. And did you know the furniture, sofa, couches and beds are highly likely to be infested with Bed Bugs due to poor hygiene and if the previous tenants have not been doing regular pest control then chances of cockroach infestation are very high.

Get the best termite protection

You spent months searching for flats for rent or flats for sale, and finalizing your new house, now before you shift in don’t forget to get a Preventive Cockroach pest control treatment and if you are scheduling a house painting before moving in then it’s the best time to get a Preventive Anti-Termite Treatment done too.

This will not only save your finances but also ensure peace on the mind in the coming months. 

Keep your home pest free and put an end to termite damage. Get Pest control done in your home every couple of months.

After all, a pest free home is a healthy home!

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  1. Thanks mate!
    Pest control services in rural areas is really a challenge. i have been living in such and my wife got serious issues on such pest challenges.Certain reasons are listed
    -water standing on roof
    -Muddy area nearby
    – Attack of pest

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