Diwali cleaning: 3 Important Places You Shouldn’t Miss

Diwali is all around & it is considered as one of the most important & the enthusiastic festival. The most important part of any festival is cleanliness. Because Diwali is a festival where we do welcome goddess of wealth & prosperity for which cleanliness is mandatory. But the festival is a time where you cannot waste lots of your time over cleaning because there are many other works to be done. So you need to go on with some of the quick & easy ways of cleaning.

Diwali cleaning: 3 Important Places You Shouldn’t Miss

  • Cleaning of wardrobe:

    It is always said that please remove the clothes out of your wardrobe if they are no more in use rather than just piling up those clothes in your wardrobe &creating a mess.
    Empty all the materials from your wardrobe and clean the dust off.
    Make different piles of different respective things so that your wardrobe is less complicated.
    Once you sort through the piles. Reorganize the closet.

  • Bedroom Cleaning:

    Cleaning the bedroom is very much important because there are lots of things in a room to be cleaned like furniture, curtains, floor & many other things. Use that handy pocha for cleaning the floor because it is quite easy. Deep clean your mattress. Put all fabrics for wash & move your furniture out. Use a soft microfiber for cleaning the glass surfaces but if you don’t have that you can even use newspapers.

  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen:

    Finally when all the tasty dishes of Diwali is been prepared your kitchen requires a deep cleaning.1.Create space: remove the materials that are no more in use. So that you get rid of it & create space.
    2.Clean it: Kitchen consists of things like glass shelves, drawers, gas platform & various other things. Soak a cloth with water & wash off your kitchen & then again clean it using a dry cloth.
    3.Use labels: for making things easier in your kitchen make use of labels. For.eg; red label for chilli powder written over the type of masala which that container holds. This will make your task quite easy.
    4.Cleaning of the fridge: this is one of the most messed up things in our kitchen because we usually don’t clean our fridge on an everyday basis. So making space in the fridge for various things to be store during the festive season is a very important task & making it look tidy.

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