5 home measures to implement to stop Hantavirus

Who transmits hantavirus? Firstly, let’s get a fair understanding of who poses the hantavirus threat. Rodents. It’s only rodents. You can only get the virus and the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) from rodents, and not human beings. Accordingly, your home measure to avoid hantavirus can includes steps to ensure minimal exposure to rodents, and not […]

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Get Expert Tips On Rodent and Roach Control!

expert tips

When you think of pests, the first few names that pop in your head are roaches, rodents and termites. It is said that cockroaches are about a 350 million years old species. That says a lot about how difficult roach control or setting effective roach traps can be. However this doesn’t mean that rodent control is any easy!. Hence expert […]

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