Are Mosquito Repellents Safe for Babies?

Do you find that a baby mosquito net is ineffective in protecting your baby from mosquito bites? Then, you must consider trying the best mosquito repellent for babies available in the market.

We know being a caring mother you might first think to try a natural mosquito repellent for babies,and for this, you might have already searched for various home remedies to keep mosquitoes away. The reason for you to do this is that you are not sure whether mosquito repellents are safe for babies.

In this post, we aim to answer your biggest concern that are mosquito repellents safe for babies? If yes, then which is the best baby-safe mosquito repellent to buy?

Why Protect Your Baby from Mosquitoes?

Before we talk in-depth about whether or not we should use mosquito repellent for babies, let us talk about what harm can mosquitoes do to your babies.

Listed below are the havoc that mosquitoes can play on your baby’s health:

  • May lead to irritation 
  • May lead to viral infections like malaria, dengue, chikungunya
  • May cause skin allergies
  • May cause skin rashes and itchy bumps
  • May not let the baby sleep


How to Pick the Safest Mosquito Repellent for Babies?

The following pointers will help you pick the best and safest mosquito repellent for your baby:


  • Ingredients: Always prefer buying mosquito repellents with organic or natural ingredients to ensure your baby’s safety. Avoid products with DEET, an active chemical with a terrible smell and possible chances of side effects on babies. 
  • Odor: Go for mosquito products that have no or low odor if you intend to use them for your babies. Babies are sensitive and may get allergic to the artificial fragrances of such products. 
  • Application: Try to pick a mosquito product that is easy and safe to be applied on your baby’s skin or clothes. Perhaps, this is the reason that most of the mosquito products for babies come in the form of easy roll-ons.

5 Best Mosquito Repellent for Babies in India

An organic mosquito repellent for babies would be the best way to keep your baby safe from mosquito bites. But finding such organic repellents is not easy. So, here is a list of other top 5 safe mosquito repellents for babies in India:

1. AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser Spray

Not just for babies, this one is a revolutionary mosquito repellent machine for the entire family. Launched recently by HiCare, AutoMos is India’s 1st automatic mosquito dispenser spray that releases 4x times less chemical. 

With AutoMos on the wall, you can experience mosquito downfall in your house. Just hang it 7/8 feet high from the ground and set the desired frequency. Enjoy keeping windows open 24x7 with AutoMos installed in your home, and the best thing is that it is safe for everyone. Grab AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser Spray from HiCare at a launch price of Rs. 999. 

2. Mamaearth Natural Anti Mosquito Body Roll-On

Whether you wish to take your baby out or not, the one thing that all mothers must keep handy is Mamaearth Natural Anti Mosquito Body Roll-On. It is a safe mosquito repellent for babies free from DEET, alcohol, and any chemical.

Mamaearth Natural Anti Mosquito Body Roll-On is tested dermatologically in Europe. It boasts to contain 100% organic ingredients like lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus oil, and Caprylic Capric Triglycerides. This amazing repellent is priced at Rs. 64. 

3. Good Knight Fabric Roll-On

Another popular and safe mosquito repellent for babies is the Good Knight Fabric Roll-On. Formulated using citronella, and eucalyptus oils, this roll-on is easy to apply on your baby’s clothing, stroller, pram, and cot. 

Made of 100% organic ingredients, Good Knight Fabric Roll-On will leave no mark wherever it is applied. Capable of offering 8 hours of complete protection against mosquitoes, this product is safe for babies under 2 years of age too. You just need to shell out Rs. 75 to buy this safe mosquito repellent for your baby.  

4. The Moms Co. Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray

Get the power of not just 1 but 5 natural oils to protect your baby from mosquito bites. Get the Moms Co. Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray that contains soya, cedarwood, lemongrass, citronella, and eucalyptus.  

Free from alcohol, parabens, sulfates, DEET, and any fragrance, the Moms Co. Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray is a perfect mosquito repellent for babies. The best thing is that it is gentle on your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. Purchase it for just Rs. 251 online or from a nearby pharmaceutical store. 

5. Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Patches

When looking for a different option other than a roll-on for your baby’s mosquito protection, do consider Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Patches. These patches are completely free from DEET, pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals.

These mosquito repellent patches are easy to place on clothes, strollers, beds, and anywhere around your baby for complete 24-hour protection. Buy a pack of 24 patches for just Rs. 156 online.

Precautions to Follow While Using Mosquito Repellents for Babies

Now that you have identified the top 5 best mosquito repellents for babies in India, it is time to also learn about some precautions to use them. 

Here is a list of guidelines you need to pay attention to ensure mosquito repellents don’t harm your babies:

  • Do not apply mosquito repellent products around your baby’s mouth, eyes, hands, or feet
  • Do not use a mosquito spray near your baby’s face
  • Avoid applying mosquito repellents on cuts or inflamed skin of your baby
  • While using DEET products try to limit the application on your baby’s skin
  • Do not use mosquito products that contain more than 30% DEET on infants and children
  • Avoid using double strength or extra power mosquito repellent formulas for babies


The Bottom Line

You can’t keep your baby under covers all the time to protect from mosquito bites. There will be times when you would want to take the baby out in nature, and in nature comes the threat of mosquito bites. Try using mosquito repellent patches and roll-ons for babies when going outdoors. For indoor protection of your baby against mosquitoes, feel free to rely on AutoMos automatic mosquito dispenser spray