American Cockroaches – The Largest Species of This Pest

american cockroaches

We’re sure that everyone knows what Cockroaches are. Moreover, if you’re reading this blog, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen a cockroach recently too. And, you’re probably wanting to know how to get rid of American cockroaches and other species. So, let’s not waste time explaining what cockroaches are, as everyone knows these are horrible creatures, capable of spreading deadly diseases. Today, let’s dive straight into the types of cockroaches, and then we’ll explain one particular type.

  1. Types of Cockroaches
  2. Things America is Famous for
  3. American Cockroaches : American or Not American?
  4. Where Will You Find These Bugs?
  5. How to Identify American Cockroaches?
  6. How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches?
  7. HiCare’s Cockroach Pest Control

1. Types of Cockroaches

There are 3 common types of cockroaches are:

  1. American Cockroaches (Periplaneta Americana)
  2. German Cockroaches
  3. Oriental Cockroaches

We’re sure no one likes cockroaches. They look yucky, icky, gross, disgusting and you could use 20 similar adjectives to describe this creepy crawlies. But since you’re here, we’re guessing you may be having a slight cockroach problem. Today, we’ll try to teach you everything you would need to know about the world’s largest and one of the most common types of cockroach, – The American Cockroach. Also, it is scientifically called the cockroach Periplaneta Americana.

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2. Things America is Famous for

  • American burgers and fast-food
  • Mount Rushmore
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Internet
  • The Super Bowl
  • Etc etc etc.

One Thing You will Dislike America for

  • Cockroach (Periplaneta Americana)

3. American Cockroaches : American or Not American?

Now since nobody really likes cockroaches, you will dislike America a tad bit when you know that the most commonly found species of cockroaches across the globe is the American Cockroach. However, you will be surprised to know that American cockroaches haven’t really originated in America at all. They are said to have come from Africa and the Middle East and spread to America only by the 17th Century.

4. Where Will You Find These Bugs?

The Cockroach Periplaneta Americana is also called the ‘waterbug’ or the palmetto bug. Now, as they’re called water bugs, you must’ve guessed that they typically reside outdoors near moist and humid surroundings. Expect to see the American cockroach is placed such as drains, open gutters, sewers, trash disposals and other unhygienic spots.

No, these pests are not found only in North America. They are not North American cockroaches. They are the largest domestic cockroach species and hence, are found worldwide. India is no exception to this. With the monsoons currently on, expect a lot of these species of cockroaches. They love moist surroundings and India’s current climate is the perfect set-up. Pipes, gutters, empty gardens containers and more. Expect to find these guys in every damp place possible.

5. How to Identify American Cockroaches

  • Colour: The classic reddish-brown
  • Marks: Yellowish 8-pattern on the back of the head
  • Antennae: Yes
  • Legs: Six
  • Adult Size: 32-54 mm in length (1.2-2.1 inches).
  • American cockroach Lifecycle: The American cockroach life cycle is simple. Egg, nymph, and adult. Adult American cockroaches can live up to a year, during which the females can reproduce another 150 young ones.

Afraid to come home? No, the American cockroach isn’t afraid to come into your homes, but they just prefer living outdoors. Like we mentioned above, they love the moist environments, and they would rather stay outdoors. Especially in this moist season from June to September/October. Of course, they may start entering homes when in search of shelter during summers and winters. Now it’s your duty to prevent these pests from coming into your homes from outdoors.

If American cockroaches are in the surroundings where there are gutters and drains and pipes, chances of them coming into your homes are high. You never know, they may be in search of food or may have even just lost their way. Besides, climbing up pipes and drains could lead them straight into your kitchens and bathrooms anyway.

Most people hate cockroaches. Wait, let us rephrase that. ALL* people hate cockroaches. And it only gets worse if these pests fly. American cockroaches flying is uncommon, but it is not impossible. These guys have wings and can fly short distances, especially if from a height. So, while they don’t fly as such, they can ‘glide’ certainly. Hope that answers your question of can American Cockroaches Fly?’

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6. How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches?

  1. Get Rid of American Cockroaches Outdoor
  2. Get Rid of American Cockroaches Indoor
  3. Tips to reduce/eliminate American cockroaches in houses

1. Get Rid of American Cockroaches Outdoor

So, since these guys are mostly outdoors, let’s look at ways you can keep your surroundings clean. Let’s figure out how to keep them away from your homes. As you know, it’s not uncommon for sewers and trash to be found around residential areas. First things first. Instead of getting rid, trying preventing them altogether. Talk to your society and conduct a clean-up drive. A clean and tidy environment makes pests 80% less anyway, be it mosquitoes or cockroaches.

Here are some tips you can give your society:

  1. Ensure coverage of all open sewers and drains.
  2. Ensure no breaks in pipes; fix if needed.
  3. Use trash cans with tight-fitting lids; always keep the cans closed.

Now, these are methods to prevent American cockroach infestations. However, if they are already roaming around your society, you need better help. Since these guys are larger in size than most cockroach species, they are tougher. Use insecticides, as smaller baits and American cockroach traps, won’t work. This is the best way of American cockroach control. You can do this yourself, while pest control is an effective method as well.

Companies like HiCare are professionals in American cockroach control. They use different methods such as liquids, sprays, baits, IGR (insect growth regulator) and others. Basically, they do anything that will reduce an American cockroach infestation.

2. Get Rid of American Cockroaches Indoor

We mentioned earlier, these pests wouldn’t mind making their way indoors. Thus, you also need to know how to get rid of American cockroaches indoors. Use simple yet effective methods. No one wants to walk into their kitchen and find American cockroach droppings one night. Or even worse, American cockroach eggs. Yuck! No. Can’t even imagine it, baby American cockroaches running around. Take a look at some American cockroach in house control methods, before we get to American cockroach treatment methods:

  1. Maintain a clean and tidy home – like mentioned even for outdoors, cleanliness and tidiness reduce half your headaches.
  2. Regularly discard old boxes and piles of papers – these are common American cockroach in the house
  3. Fix leaky drains and taps – just like they love pipes and drains outdoors. If they find a way to your house, they will take it.
  4. Clean kitchen appliances – the kitchen is a favourite hideout for American cockroaches. They get to shelter as well as the food here.
  5. Store food well before sleeping – leaving food containers or plates out in the open is not good. You will be inviting these pests into your homes.
  6. Restrict food consumption to one room – in case of falling of crumbs. The last thing you want is cockroaches travelling to rooms such as the bedrooms.
  7. Vacuum regularly – to avoid the avoid from happening.
  8. Use good mesh – to restrict cockroaches from entering. Use this for floor drains, vents, windows, doors and other places.
  9. Fix door and window frames – tightly fitted ones are best!
  10. Fill cracks in walls, sockets, switchboards, etc – use a silicone-based caulk for best results.

3. Tips to reduce/eliminate American cockroaches in houses

Say you missed this blog and couldn’t read our above tips for American cockroach prevention. You may already have an American cockroach infestation. Now what? Cry? No, don’t worry. We’ve also got some tips for you to reduce/eliminate American cockroaches in houses. Take a look:

  • Insecticide sprays – easily the best way if you want to see how to get rid of American cockroaches.
  • Apply liquid residual – use this and spray the entire perimeter of your house/surroundings. Do this every once in 2-3 months, depending on the seriousness of your American cockroach infestation. This is an easy DIY way of restricting these cockroaches from making their way in.
  • Cockroach baits – this is a good indoor solution. Use stuff like Niban FG, an effective bait, in dark rooms and corners of attics, kitchens, etc. This is also one of the best American cockroach killers.

7. HiCare’s Cockroach Pest Control

They say all’s well that ends well. In the case of American cockroach infestation or American cockroach control, it’s slightly different. All will end well, only if you contact the professional (hope that rhymed). While the DIY methods might work, the professionals are always your best option. Contact a pest control service as they will chalk out the best American cockroach treatment plan possible. They will scan your perimeter and decided if an indoor clean-up is required, or outdoor extermination. Or both, if the American cockroach infestation is bad.

The pest control experts decide whether a gel is needed or a spray. Bait is needed or American cockroach killers. Indoor American cockroach treatment is required or outdoor. They will also let you know whether American cockroach control is required, or treatment. So, take out your phone and dial your nearest pest control service. Pest control services like HiCare help in the extermination of American cockroaches as well as other pests. Help yourself now!

American Cockroaches – The Largest Species of This Pest

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