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All About Chikungunya

What is Chikungunya, causes all about Chikungunya and how does it spread?

Talking about Chikungunya, Humans and others primates are natural hosts for the Chikungunya Virus. The Chikungunya disease (चिकनगुनिया) is when the virus is spread to humans by the bite of an infected Female Aedes Egypti Mosquito which breeds in and around human habitation. The same thing about Chikungunya mosquito causes dengue and yellow fever: it is a daytime to evening biter. It needs only 2ml of water to breed and eggs can lie dormant for one year!! Chikungunya initially spread from infected monkeys in Africa & Humans via mosquito bites. Now it spreads from infected humans to other people via the Aedes mosquito bite.

all abut chikungunya

Signs and symptoms of Chikungunya

Female Aedes Egypti Mosquitoes with the Chikungunya virus bite humans as they need the blood to develop their eggs. Symptoms usually occur 3-7 days after infection by mosquito bite. Usually, there is fever and pain, but Chikungunya symptoms may include a headache, severe body ache, Chikungunya Fever, muscle pain and joint pain/swelling or even a mild rash. Patients often get better in a couple of weeks with bedrest and paracetamol, but they must avoid aspirin. Often the human immune system in the young and healthy gets rid of the Chikungunya can be debilitating with dreadful body aches and weakness especially for the elderly or those with pre-existing ailments like diabetes or High B.P. Newborns and small children too can suffer pain, fever and be more susceptible to the symptoms of Chikungunya.

Chikungunya Diagnosis:

For Specific Chikungunya test, Diagnosis is done via serological tests such as ELISA, which confirm the presence of Chikungunya antibodies. Virological methods like RT-PCR are also available.

Chikungunya Treatment

There is no vaccine currently available for Chikungunya treatment. There are no specific treatments either for Chikungunya cure. Also they should not consume aspirin. Furthermore, avoid further exposure to mosquitoes. Treatment of Chikungunya is done symptomatically: with bed rest, fluids and medicines to relieve fever, aches, and pain like Ibuprofen and paracetamol. The immune system itself helps to fight the Chikungunya virus and diseases. Chloroquine phosphate (250 mg) has been tried by experts say the results are inconclusive.

How to Cure Chikungunya

While there has been no cure about Chikungunya, be aware of the causes of Chikunguyna and stop the breeding of mosquitoes indoor and take quick action for prevention of Chikungunya.

Prevention and Control of Chikungunya

As no vaccine exists, avoid mosquito bites to prevent chikungunya.

To protect yourself from mosquito bites:

  1. Air conditioning, or else mosquito screens on windows/doors and use of mosquito nets.
  2. Reduce or eliminate mosquito breeding spots by emptying standing water from containers like buckets, flower vases, and pots.
  3. If going outdoors, wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, etc.
  4. Chikungunya treatment home remedies might include using insect repellents containing DEET, oil of lemon or Eucalyptus oil; also Geranium, lemon grass, cedar or citronella oils.
  5. Follow label instructions and also use repellent after sunscreen.
  6. Use Permethrin-treated clothing

Prevent Chikungunya By Pest Control

  1. Clear out all standing water, including coolers.
  2. Keep skin covered, including arms and legs.
  3. Keep surroundings clean and uncluttered.
  4. Use mosquito repellents.
  5. KILL THE PESTS; from Aerosol cans, sprays to coils and electronic fumes but for better results refer to a professional pest control service.

Call The Chikungunya Experts for KPB

Home remedies might be a good solution up to a certain extent. But for better care of your family from symptoms of chikungunya, we recommend Hicare Anti-Chikungunya Anti-Dengue Service. Kill Protect Block Technology is a three-step Chikungunya mosquito control service that stops the mosquitoes from breeding in the first place while terminating the already present mosquitoes. Odorless and colorless, the Bayer Chemicals used are approved by Central Insecticide Board assures best results and safety for everyone including children, pets, and people with allergy.

Information about Chikungunya
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