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A termite is an insect that feeds on dead plants and woods. Wood does most of the termite’s diet; they also eat other materials such as paper, plastic, and drywall. That’s why one needs to conduct a termite control service at places they care about most to avoid the damage that these tiny insects can cause. An anti-termite treatment makes you feel safer and more secure about your precious belongings.

Termites are also known as ‘silent destroyers’ as you know about them only when a considerable amount of damage has already taken place. Termites live in large groups known as colonies. These colonies are so hungry that they keep eating 24 hours a day. Termite Control Service needs to be appointed for this matter.

How dangerous can termites be?

Firstly, termites don't cause any direct trouble to humans, unlike mosquitoes and rodents. They can cause you financial loss, which indirectly leads to mental stress. They can weaken your house furniture so much that it becomes fragile over time.

They also make your house structure weak as they live in the cracks of the walls. Along with the wood, they love to feed ok drywalls and ceilings. They slowly start feeding the walls and make your structures weak so much that it becomes difficult for the walls for any significant occupancy.

Termite Control Service becomes an essential thing for your house, which has very high chances of getting infested in summers especially.

What gives a call to termites?

Leaked pipings, improper drainage systems, and poor airflow in the house create moisture issues that attract termites in your space. Also, the cracked exterior walls of the building attract this pest. Having your furniture attached with your building foundations makes it an infestation point for the termites to access the wood. Pest control services for termites know precisely where they reside so that they can help you get rid of them quickly.

Three dangerous types of termites

There are three general categories of termites. Namely damp wood, dry wood and subterranean termites. As the name suggests, damp wood and dry wood termites love feeding on woods. These termites live in the woods or cracks, and exterior walls crack.

Termites also live underground, which makes mud tubes to access any foundation of the wooden furniture. Summer is a big-time ‘NO’ for termites as this is the most suitable season for them as the moisture is high. So it becomes essential for pest control services for termites to keep them away from your beloved house.

Why is Summer termite infestation a disaster for you?

Be ready to elevate your mental stress along with the high moisture as the unwanted guests, which, if left untreated, are going to hit your finances in a big way. They will weaken your wooden furniture and the house structure as they feed on wood and drywall.

They primarily feed on the wood, so the amount of loss incurred is directly proportional to the amount of furniture you have in your house. It will slowly eat the wood and make your furniture structures weak.

They also live inside the walls, which is again a threat as these pests love eating drywalls. They reside within small cracks in the wall, which over time affects your house structures. This is very dangerous!

You must have to be aware of any infestation of termites on your property to save yourself from a significant financial strain! You can search ‘termite treatment near me’ on the web to get in touch with them.

Here are some of the key signs to know if you have any termites:-

  • Swollen floors and ceiling
  • Mud tunnels
  • Minor cracks in wood
  • Scent of mould

Until you have got a considerable amount of damage, you will be unaware. Therefore it becomes imperative to get in touch with professional termite pest control companies and analyse your space before any anti-termite treatment.

Termite pest control

Termite pest control is a type of service designed to kill all the termites in your space. Professional companies with at least a decade of experience can be a go-to choice for your house. To get rid of these termites, which can cost you lakhs of rupees worth of loss in no time, these companies can surely get you out of this dangerous situation.

You can search for them online ‘termite treatment near me’ or ‘anti-termite treatment near me to get the best options at your fingertips. You can also contact the companies if they have an office around your house.

The termite pest control company will take a detailed survey of your house to find any infestations and efficiently introduce measures through the best anti-termite treatment.

HiCare Termite Control Service

HiCare, being one of India's most dependable and long-standing pest management companies, decided to innovate and improve the termite pest control industry by researching termite life cycles, behaviours and developing a unique three-step approach that is successful against the unseen pests.

From the inspection to execution, a protracted treatment for successful termite control is done with well-researched service techniques.

Our extermination experts do a thorough examination of your premises to provide comprehensive and long-term solutions. This means you can eliminate all those termite control Do-It-Yourself items that didn't work and rely on our complete Termite Control Service instead.