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For any homeowner, the phrase “termite presence” conjures up an image of a nightmare. Even if you're a tenant, you wouldn't want to dwell in a house where termites are present. Termites are domestic pests that have the potential to severely ruin the property you've invested your hard-earned money in. Over the years, there have been many instances where termites/ deemak have caused huge losses to people across the globe. On an average, every year termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage, and property owners spend over two billion dollars to treat them.

If you have a termite-infested space, to regain control of the situation, early notice is critical. How do you comprehend that these invisible harmful pests have started infesting your spaces?

Well, we curated a small list of the signs of termites infestation. You can be more mindful and check for them.

When signs of termite damage are more apparent, there has often been a termite infestation for years with substantial amounts of damage already undergone. Some signs of termites in your home include:

  • A hollow sound made by tapping on wood with a heavy object
  • Painted walls that bubble and peel
  • Small entry holes where they tunnel through drywall
  • Caving ceilings and walls
  • The appearance of water damage
  • Maze-like designs in wood structures
  • Mud tubes on foundations
  • Seeing swarms of termites
  • We know the popular saying- Prevention is better than cure. This is essentially true in the case of termite infestation. The longer you wait to take any action against the breeding termite army, the worse the situation of your home space, as the sly destroyers will result in your furnishings to deplete, walls to break down and hollow up ultimately diminishing your quality of life.

    What can you do to prevent the termite army from attacking any further? What are the household termite control services to be done to fight it?

  • Repair Any Water Leaks
  • Humidity is one of the factors that contribute to a location being an ideal environment for termites. Termites seek water, and water leakage is like a path that directs termites to the perfect place to live, which would be your home. It suffers from water leakage problems. Regular maintenance will ensure early detection of such leaks, allowing you to plan for the necessary solutions.

  • Maintain the Drainage System
  • Check that your drainage system is in good working order and that there are no leaks in your sewage. It is critical that all appliances or utilities in your home drain properly. Termites can be attracted to water that collects in and around your home.

  • Fill in the Cracks and Holes
  • Termites can gain access to your home through cracks in the walls, gaps in windows and doors, and other small openings. Fill any cracks with a sealant to make it as arduous for termites to get entry into your household as possible.

  • Keep Your Indoors Moisture-free
  • Termites prefer damp environments, and when wood is combined with moisture, it becomes a termite magnet. Every humid source and structure in your home is prone to termite infestations, from attics and basements to air conditioning units and kitchen areas. Install a dehumidifier and keep your inside adequately aired at all times to avoid this catastrophe.

    All these solutions are extremely time-consuming and tedious. Apart from these steps to follow, there are also many products that are meant for pest control for termites. The worst part is that not everyone is aware that the highly marketed do it yourself pest control for termites spray treatments are effective only to a certain level and can cause more damage than good if not administered properly.

    Often impossible to get rid of, termites or deemak breed in spots that are inaccessible to the usual pest control treatment sprays and chemicals. Hence, it would be a rookie mistake to rely on mere homely measures.

    Let's discuss what must be done in such difficult situations as a part of pest control for termites. The best solution would be to choose termite control services from an experienced hygiene management company.

    What's better than a company that has been around for decades and provided pest solutions to over three lakh homes and commercial spaces?

    As experts at HiCare, we have formulated a three-step termite control process that will not only solve the termite problem for a short span but also curb them from invading your home again. The three steps are as follows:

    DRILL - Small holes are drilled at the skirting level of the walls to surpass into the breeding colonies of the termites.

    FILL - Termin 8 solution specifically made to eliminate termites is filled into these holes.

    SEAL - The holes are then filled with white cement to prevent the re-entry of the termite colonies into your spaces.

    Our 3X Termite Control Service is your best bet. Call 8828333888 or visit to book our expert termite control services. Sit back at ease as the professionals work towards providing you with a termite-free home!