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A pest control service is extremely imperative in today’s time, owing to the global health degradation and the fact that amidst the pandemic and the resulting lockdown, it is more likely that your spaces, both home and office have been attacked by pest infestation.

Detection - Here are a few different indicators that denote the presence of pests and need to be checked for on a regular basis. Now more than ever, you need to make sure your commercial spaces are also safe in case you decide to resume work in the coming weeks. If any one of these indicators are visible in your office premises, it's time to call on commercial pest control services providers.

  1. Pest Droppings.
  2. Pungent odour.
  3. Evidence of Nesting.
  4. Damaged Plants.
  5. Grease marks.
  6. Physical Damage to Furnishings.
  7. Swollen walls and Damage to Fabrics.
  8. Red bumps or rashes on your skin.
  9. Health issues that are pest borne (salmonella, malaria, dysentery, food poisoning etc.)

Multiple local pest control service companies claim to be the best commercial pest control services provider all over Mumbai. But how do you figure out which one of the lot is worth your time, money and effort?

Don't just follow the herd or go for the cheapest commercial pest control services company instead, go ahead with taking your time to evaluate and opt for a professional pest control service that you can rely on completely so you can ensure your safety from germs and all pests alike.

Look for the following things when looking for a good commercial pest control services provider.

  1. CALL THEM UP- You will be able to gauge the quality of work you can expect from a pest control services provider solely based on how well the professionals who work at the company speak to you. They should be polite and responsive and make sure they value the enquiring customer.
  2. ASK MULTIPLE QUESTIONS- You should ask them questions about pests and their techniques to solve the pest problem. The way they react to your queries and the amount of transparency in their answers will determine if they are the right fit to conduct your commercial pest control services or not.
  3. FOLLOW-UP SERVICE- An efficient commercial pest control provider will be knowledgeable and caring enough to inform you that the chemical efficacy reduces after a certain period of time. Thus, they will recommend that you must book a follow-up appointment or take a yearly contract so they can come and offer the follow-up services to you. These follow up sessions are an absolute must for keeping the pest-free state of your home permanent.
  4. SERVICE DILIGENCE- You will see the dedication and hard work of a good professional hygiene expert when he works towards making your office a safer place to work in. Observe whether or not the pest control professional checks hard to reach dark spaces in your offices to inspect for the presence of pests. This speaks volumes about the expertise they own and the quality of their commercial pest control service.
  5. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CHEMICALS- Opt for commercial pest control services providers that want to help you have a pest-free home without damaging the environment or your family or pets in the long run. Choose those who use eco-friendly chemicals to get rid of pests in your office space.

You want all these qualities without having to go through the entire hassle? Well, here's an easy solution for you:-

It's just a two-step process.
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Simple. Isn't it? HiCare strives to make your lives pest-free in a manner wherein you can calmly sip coffee while your pest problems are being taken care of. Leaving all those troubles is a phone call away. Call now!