6 Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

Using a cleaner is a very common and helpful to have them around on a daily basis. But, if you are thinking to combine, few of them can reverse the results or may be dangerous to be used together.

At times you might find cleaning as the toughest job and therefore, one might think of mixing and matching with one another to get a better result. Here is the list of things that you should be avoiding together:

Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

  1. Drain cleaner with another drain cleaner

It is strongly recommended to not mix two different drain cleaners at the same time or one after another while cleaning the house.

  1. Baking soda with vinegar

Even if you can find these things in your house or in the supermarket easily, but using baking soda (basic) and vinegar (acidic) together for cleaning purpose is not a dynamic option as both the products when combined can form water and sodium acetate and when you close both in a container, the mixture might explode.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

You might have come across spraying countertops or fruits with a similar mist of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar while you are wiping the surface with sprays. A lot of experts suggest this as a safe method, but mixing two of them in a similar container is not safe. A combination of both the elements causes peracetic acid, which is ideally toxic to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

  1. Bleach and vinegar

When you think of combining bleach and vinegar, you might think it may become a powerful disinfectant to clean the house. However, you are wrong.  These both products produce chlorine gas when combined which can be enough for causing cough, respiratory problems, and burn in the eyes.

  1. Bleach and ammonia

Bleach and ammonia together can produce a toxic gas called Chloramine that can cause respiratory problems and chest pain

  1. Bleach and rubbing alcohol

The combination of bleach and rubbing alcohol may act as chloroform that can be toxic and irritating to human health.

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