5 Tips to How to Wash your Car like a Pro

We all like to maintain the exterior of our car. We also work towards it by providing our car with washing & waxing. But apart from that, we can do a lot more when it comes to cleaning our car. Would like to take yours to a car wash where they use big brushes which can seriously damage your car’s colour. Our traditional way of washing the car by using soap, water, etc… is the best way. But in this process too we tend to miss out some very important steps. So here are some of the DIY car washing ideas which will help you all to wash our car like a pro.

How to Wash a Car like a Pro

1. Examine your vehicle’s condition: you need to examine your car’s condition. Like for example if it is a new car then it may just need cleaning & waxing. But if its exterior is on an average then your car will require polishing also along with cleaning & waxing just to maintain its shine & look like an evergreen.

2. Go through the label: It basically means you have to read the label once of your car cleaning chemical whichever you are using. Because if you use a chrome wheel cleaner which is quite acidic on an aluminium wheel then might damage it. Invest your money in buying microfiber clothes and take care that you maintain different clothes for each part like a wheel, paint, windows, exterior, etc…

3. Wash the car: washing the car helps in removing its dust and all the dirt which is on its exterior part. Always while washing your car use a car washing soap rather than your normal detergents and all because it might damage your car’s paint & wash away its wax. Larger pieces of dirt will scratch your car while washing so use mitts and fibre clothes to clean those large pieces of dirt before washing your car.

4. Wheel washing: wheel washing is very much important because in this you must know that which type of wheel cleaner will be best suited for your car’s wheel. If you have no idea that what type of wheel you have then go with the less powerful version i.e. the one which is acid-free pH balanced, so it will go with all type of wheels.

5. Window washing: for washing your car’s window it is better to prefer auto window cleaner rather than Windex and other household glass cleaners. Because they have a proportion of ammonia in it which can damage the glass of your car’s window. So you need to go to an auto window cleaner.

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