5 Myths about Bugs in the Office

Bugs in the Office

We live in a world where information is right at the tip of our finger. Unfortunately, not all of this information is true or credible. Because pests are such a nuisance to deal with, we often come to conclusions about them without knowing much. This leads to myths about bugs in the office that spread like wildfire but aren't really true.

1. Clean and Cozy

The first myth is that, pests never live in a clean space. Yes, having a clean space helps in keeping pests away. However, some pests really don't care about how clean your space is. If you find ants, termites and bed bugs in the office crawling at your office desk in spite of it being clean it's because they are just making themselves comfortable at your warm space.

2. Say Cheese!

While Tom and Jerry taught us that cheese was the ultimate way to catch an annoying mouse, this myth isn't completely true. They do like cheese but there are several other foods that they like better and are more likely to seek out. So the next time you are trying to trap a mouse try peanut butter, marshmallows and raisins instead.

3. Gun Powder

You must have noticed powdered debris around your furniture's and wondered what caused them. That debris is caused by carpenter ants and they don't actually eat wood. Instead they tunnel through it leaving behind powdery debris outside of their nests. Insects that do eat your furniture are termites, wood borers and bugs in the office.

4. A Bug's Life

If you were thinking your office was free of bed bugs then you are highly mistaken. Bed bugs actually have nothing to do with dirty homes or hotels; they can be found anywhere including your office. However, most people assume that they can treat bed bugs on their own. The truth is they are the most harmful and difficult infestation pest to deal with. Only a professionally certified pest control service with bed bug treatment can help you counter this problem effectively.

5. No Sign; No Fear

Not seeing any giant outbreak of pest at your office might be a comforting sign, but it isn't enough to feel that your office is pest free and well managed. Many pests, such as termites and carpenter ants are capable of damaging your interiors without leaving any signs at all. A proper inspection of your office on a regular basis is the best way to believe whether or not your office is well protected. The most effect way to deal with pests is to be knowledgeable and strategic. If your pest problem is still persisting then go ahead and call a certified pest control services. India's only HACCP Certified Pest Control service provider HiCare can help you obliterate any issues you are facing without much hassle. They will design an approach that best suits your pest need and is completely safe.