5 Myths about Bugs in the Office

Information is readily available to us in the world we live in. Unfortunately, not all of this data is reliable or accurate. We frequently form opinions about pests without having much information since they are so annoying to deal with. As a result, bed bug myths spread like wildfire in the workspace. 


With home pest control service easily available to the families, what about your workspace? Today, you and us will read more about these myths and understand the truth behind them. Also, Does your office require commercial pest control services? Let's find out! 


1.  You would never find bugs in a clean surrounding. 


The first myth is the idea that pests can never exist in a tidy environment. Yes, maintaining a clean environment aids in keeping bugs at bay. Some bugs, though, don't really mind how tidy your space is. Even though your office desk is spotless, ants, termites, and bed bugs may still be crawling around since they are simply trying to warm up in your cosy environment.


Hence, this myth is busted! Bugs can make their way to your desk, chair or any part of the office space, regardless of how clean or dirty your surroundings are. This implies for your homes as well. Bed bugs can reach out in the cleanest house too. All you need to do is call bed bugs pest control services. 


2.  Bed bugs reproduce quickly 

When you notice the existence of bugs in your surroundings, you might suspect the numbers to go faster. But that's not the case at all. Here we clear this myth about bed bugs. Unlike other insects, bed bugs are slow at reproduction. Each bedbug egg takes 10 days to hatch. 


This doesn't mean you take no action after you find bugs at your workplace. Since they are tiny in size, it is indeed difficult to notice them and in no time your office would be suffering from more and more bugs if you don’t take any action sooner. It is adviced to call a pest control service immediately to get rid of the bugs. 

3.  Bed bugs bite only at night

As we clear your misconceptions about the bed bugs, this myth needs to be busted as quickly as possible. Being called bed bugs, we think they appear at night only. This myth is believable also as a person wakes up with bite marks in the morning. It might be the half-truth as bed bugs can bite you even in the daytime. 


In fact, the bugs usually feed in the morning hours when people are asleep. During office hours, you won't find bugs biting you but they will be present.  



4.  Bed bugs can be found only in homes. 


You would be greatly misled if you believed that your office was bed bug-free. Bed bugs can however be found anywhere, even your office, and have nothing to do with filthy houses or motels. Meanwhile, the majority of people believe they can treat bed bugs on their own. In reality, they are the most dangerous and challenging insect infestation. You can only effectively combat this issue with a professionally certified pest control service that also offers bed bug treatment. 


As much as you take safety from the bed bugs at your home, it is equally necessary to take similar precautions at your workplace. Get in touch with your colleagues and discuss the measures to be taken. First and foremost, call the bed bug pest control service. This help would end all the pest problems. 



5.  There's nothing to fear if there's no sign of the bugs.


Even if you don't notice any major bug outbreaks at your workplace, it won't be enough to convince you that the pests are under control. Many pests, like termites and carpenter ants, are capable of causing interior damage while leaving no visible traces of their presence. The easiest approach to determine whether or not your office is adequately safeguarded is to do a thorough examination on a regular basis. Being informed and methodical while dealing with pests is the best approach.

With commercial pest control for bed bugs, you and your company would be guided correctly with the issue. If your pest problem is still persisting then go ahead and call a certified pest control service. India's only HACCP Certified Pest Control service provider HiCare can help you obliterate any issues you are facing without much hassle. They will design an approach that best suits your pest needs and is completely safe. We are the experts that can provide solutions with our bed bug pest control, cockroaches, mosquitos, termites and more. Trust us with our commercial pest control services to make your workspace a safe place for you and your colleagues and no entry zone for all the pests.