10 Worst Pests For Hospitality Business And How To Deal With Them

Any hospitality business plays a host to a number of people, day-in and day-out. Be it a hotel, lodge, resort or a simple bed and breakfast.

Any hospitality business plays a host to a number of people, day-in and day-out. Be it a hotel, lodge, resort or a simple bed and breakfast. Guests come and go in plenty and sometimes, their luggage is not the only thing they bring in with them. Hence it is important that you and your staff be aware of the challenges that become the part and parcel of being in your line of business.   Here’s a list of the 10 worst pests plaguing the hospitality businesses;  

1) Spiders

Often lurking in the unseen, untouched places, these pests can find their way into any premises and take up residence in any corner of the room. Many of them go unseen, but left undisturbed for a while they can let their presence known soon enough just by building their webs. Unfortunately there’s no way around and these pests and they along with their webs need to be swept and cleaned on a regular basis.  

2) Rodents

Easily among the scariest pests, rodents like rats and mice are a cause for grave concern. Not only can they run any guest out of their room but also point a finger directly upon the upkeep of the establishment.  

3) Roaches

Generally targeting kitchen areas, trash bins and gutters, these pests find their refuge in areas where there is ample food source for them. They also multiply really fast if left untreated and soon can spread to the other areas of the premises too. It becomes fairly cumbersome to regain control over these pests once you start finding them inside drawers or behind a furniture. So your best bet is to eliminate them completely on the first sign of detection.  

4) House Flies

Though not particularly scary, these flying pests are a direct result of improper waste management and sanitation. Flies can also bring down the aesthetic appeal of your establishment as fast as they can disappear just when you are about to smack them. House flies also contaminate any edibles around as they are particularly attracted to it.

5) Mosquitoes

Probably the most irritating of them all, mosquitoes are as dangerous as they are annoying. They are known to cause serious life threatening diseases like dengue and malaria. And though people are okay being subjected to this nuisance if you have an outdoor property like dining areas and lounges they reflect really poorly on you if they trouble your guests indoors too.  

6) Small Flies

Small flies can be found anywhere where there is trash decomposing. There very presence points towards the lapse in waste management in your premises. Fortunately this particular problem can be very quickly rectified and if treated in due time can prove to be fairly harmless.  

7) Miscellaneous Flies

Some flies just need some sort of decaying organic matter to breed and can quickly multiply to huge amounts, much to you and your guests annoyance. Though the ideal condition for their breeding is generally found outdoors, these pests can spread diseases too and is best treated before spread.  

8) Bed Bugs

The very mention of bed bugs can have your property blacklisted forever. And the sole cause of this is the persistent nature of these pests. These little insects are highly contagious and spread like wildfire, once infested. Their treatment has proven to be a huge task too, mostly because they are very hard to exterminate and can only be taken care of by professionals.  

9) Night Flying Insects

We have all seen moths and other small insects hounding a streetlight at night. No one really bothers with outdoor insects until one manages to find a clink in the armor and comes inside. To avoid this make sure your premises is sealed and safe from outside infiltration.  

10) Ants

It’s really hard to locate the original source of an ant line because they often originate from outside the walls of your premises. To be fair they don’t actually see where they are going but following a smell of what they think will be a source of food and warmth.    

10 Worst Pests For Hospitality Business And How To Deal With Them

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