polycarbonate bird netting and spikes
In stock
  • Length 12" Height 5" Width 5"
  • Width Base – Base 8" standard & ½"" narrow
  • 3 years warranty
  • Expert advice on methodology
  • Experienced Manpower
  • Safety & Compliance


What is the spike material used?

We use (ST 302) Surgical Grade stainless steel spike. These are weather proof and rust free. Measurement: Length – 12", height – 5", width – 5". We also provide polycarbonate spikes with same measurement. We offer 3 years warranty on spikes too.

What all are covered under "3 years warranty"?

We give warranty for the spikes for its durability for 3 years. Any defects in the spikes because of poor quality material or faulty installation shall be rectified by Hicare without additional charges. Note: Hicare is not responsible for the damage caused to the product by external force. For e.g. nets being cut or damaged during civil, carpenter, electrician etc.

What is the price estimate for spiking?

The estimate for Spiking is Rs.200/spike. Depending upon the area, post inspection you will be quoted the final price. Spikes are only meant to be installed in the walls and perimeter. We ensure you value for money with our quality products and installation by our technical experts.

Do spiking cause any harm to birds?

No. As we love birds too, we provide you with technical solution to keep them away without harming them. These Spikes do not harm them but just keep them away from landing, roosting, & nesting.

Do birds really transmit diseases?

Yes. The bird feathers and droppings are carriers of wide range of pathogenic bacteria and fungi which are fatal to humans. They cause food poisoning, Histoplasmosis & allergy to asthma patients.

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