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Live Freely With Our Professional Bed Bug Control Services At HiCare

Bed bugs are a common problem in every home, giving homeowners sleepless nights. Bed bugs can cause significant pain as they can bite, leaving behind an itchy mark. Thus, it becomes an utmost necessity to get rid of them.

At Hicare, we provide an excellent service to combat bed bug infestation through our high powered treatment. To ensure the complete eradication of bed bugs, we offer two services to our clients.

Round two takes place immediately after 15 days of our first treatment. This is to ensure that the bed bugs are completely eradicated after hatching. The services provided by us come at an affordable price beginning from Rs. 3690 per service for a 1BHK apartment.

Details of Our Services:
  • A thorough inspection of the room and hiding spots are injected with advanced chemicals.
  • A highly effective treatment that aids in eliminating bed bugs from rooms.
  • There are two services provided by us at Hicare. The 45 days service includes two services which are provided after 15 days. The 90 days services include a total of four services.
  • The 45 days service comes with 45 days of ensured protection from bed bugs.
  • Ninety days services provide 90 days complete protection from bed bugs issues.

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After Services:
  • Post-treatment, if any client faces any problems, then we at Hicare ensure that our technicians resolve the issue at no extra charge.
  • Customers can easily reach out to us through our contact number and make a booking for the treatment of bed bugs. Our expert callers will make sure to guide consumers and provide them with the best services available at the best price.
  • For all our customers making an online payment, we provide an instant 5% discount.
List of Services
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After 5% discount through online payment
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Yearly service comes with year long protection assurance.

We are a large joint family living in a bungalow. For the past few months, we noticed food and other items such as socks and remote controls disappearing. First, we thought that we had a ghost in the house! But we spotted rats running around the house a few times. We immediately called HiCare because it was impossible for us to eliminate rats from such a large space. HiCare has eliminated the menace. We found the remote control and socks beneath a sofa later!-Arun Mishra, Indore.

I was struggling with bed bugs during my pregnancy and was worried about my overall health. By hiring services from HiCare, I was able to get rid of the bed bugs instantly. Thank You.-Mrs. Usha P -Kandivali

As I live in a family with elderly members, bed bugs were quite a concern for the safety and health of all. With professional services from HiCare, I got a sense of safety and hygiene throughout. Thanks for the relief. -Mr. Rajesh - Pune

A room that is cleaned has no proof that it is free from bed bugs issues. Only an inspection done by our professionals can ensure whether the home is free from bed bugs. The reason being bed bugs generally migrate from many things that we use daily, like clothes and luggage.

A bed bug treatment generally lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. It is hard to say the exact time as the cleaning process entirely depends on the area of infestation.

Bed bugs can spread through movement of people or material from an area that was already infested with bed bugs and can reach your home from clothes, luggage, and many more things.

As it is hard to ascertain where bed bugs have originated in your home, the best way to prevent it is by taking bed bugs treatment from professionals.
  • Utilization of CIB-approved top-quality, safe chemicals
  • utilization of chemicals that are safe for children, adults, and pets
  • Services implemented by certified, trained, experienced professionals
  • Elimination of the problem from its roots for optimum results
  • State-of-the-art bed bug control techniques and equipment