Know your pollution

Air pollution is a phenomenon that occurs when any additional gas, particles or odors are introduced into the air distorting the natural balance of the atmosphere in a way that makes it unsafe to the health of the human beings. This is because the air becomes impure and hazardous for humans to breathe and becomes prone to various respiratory diseases. In fact, the emission from Motor Vehicles is the largest single source of air pollution in major cities around the world. The harmful effects of air pollution are mostly diseases that are in the direct exposure of air in one way or the other like the lungs and the skin. It ranges from minor disorders like eye allergy, nasal allergies like sinusitis, throat infection to chronic respiratory and heart disease, lung cancer, acute lung infections in children whose lungs are just developing, irritating skin disease, or asthmatic attacks and in some cases even fatal consequences. The air in most of the cities contains high levels of dangerous particulate matter, small enough to enter the human bloodstream through the lungs - a problem that contributes to an estimated 7 million premature deaths each year.

Pollution facts in India
  • Half of world's 20 most polluted cities in India, according to the World Health Organisation's urban air quality database.
  • Air pollution is the direct or indirect cause of at least 1 lakh people in India. In fact according to latest study, the air pollution is one of the main causes of death in the country.
  • The total number of people suffering from Asthma in the world has crossed the figure of 300 million out of which 10% are supposedly living in India
  • India has the world's highest death rate fromchronic respiratory diseasesandasthma, according to the WHO.
  • World Health Organization data once showed that New Delhi is the most polluted city in world.
  • In fact in one of the worst cases of air pollution in India, the Great Smog of Delhi in November 2016, the air pollutionat this time peaked by 10 times the recommended limit on both PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels.
  • The air pollution levels in Delhi put its residents at the highest of risk of lung cancer.
  • Breathing the air in Mumbai road for just one day is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes.
Pollution facts around the world
  • According to the statistics, more than 50% of the total world pollution is breathing unhealthy air
  • Inhaling polluted air takes away at least 2 years of a typical human life
  • Study says that 1 in every 8 people die because of air pollution.
  • The global warming fright to everyone on the planet is directly linked to the air pollution and needs to be dealt with immediately.
  • The air pollution and the deaths caused due to it is growing fastest in Asia followed by Africa.