Sofa Spa Service

Chemical Foam treatment to shampoo upholstered sofa and chair.

For Fabric sofa, 3 steps procedure is followed:

  • Step1 Dry vacuum to extract loose dust.
  • Step2 Application of chemical Foam and scrubbing.
  • Step3 Use of extraction machine to extract residual dirt and moisture.

*Letting fan or Air conditioner on post the service for upholstered sofa to dry along with natural ventilation. Complete drying may take 2-3 hours.

*The duration for the upholstered sofa to dry solely depends on the thickness of the fabric as well as material of filling of the cushion.

For leather Sofa

For cleaning and conditioning of leather Sofa, 2 step reconditioning procedure is followed:

  • Step 1 Dry extraction of loose dust.
  • Step 2 Recondition with cream/wax and buffing to regain the shine.


  • Please count the total number of sofa seats to be serviced.
  • Select the respective item from "Unit" dropdown section.