Premium Car Care Service

Premium car care scope

Exterior :

  • Steam cleaning of car body including glass panes.
  • Steam cleaning of tyres
  • Buffing and wax polishing of car body using machine
  • Dressing of tyres

Interior :

  • Steam cleaning of door arcs
  • Engine steam cleaning and dressing
  • Vacuuming of floor and seats
  • Foam cleaning of roof, floor, AC vents, fabric seats, and boot interior
  • Shampooing and washing of foot mats
  • Cleaning and polishing of doors, dashboard, gear box, other vinyl surfaces and leather seats

Terms and conditions :

No need of electricity, team will be carrying generator.

Kindly park in the location where it can be cleaned directly. The cleaning team may not be able to drive the car around to find an appropriate spot.

Society permission , if required , needs to be taken beforehand by the client.

Please check the car thoroughly before signing the feedback form.

Major stain/ scratch removal is not guaranteed.