Floor Polishing Service

One of the first things people may notice when entering your home or a business premise is the floor. Well maintained floors give a vibrant, healthy sheen to your home. Your expensive stone floors are not something that can be changed easily, so, it is important that we take good care of our floors and get them buffed and polished regularly Hicare provides the most comprehensive mechanized treatment to clean and revives the gloss and shine of the surface.

3 Steps Treatment using specialized chemicals along with machinery of supreme quality

  • Step 1 Scrubbing to remove superficial dirt from nook and corners.
  • Step 2 Polishing with Chemicals to restore the shine and gloss.
  • Step 3 Buffing to impart an even gloss and finish.

Recommended For Floor Types

  • Stone Floors like Marble, Granite, slate, etc.
  • Concrete
  • Mosaic

Exception: Wooden Floor