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Monsoon, Why is it the time for you to deep clean your home ?
No time of the year is as beautiful and as bountiful as monsoon, it always comes to us as a relief from the seething hot summer season. But the beauty for the most part lies outside our houses as inside them there are too many problems that we face. During monsoon, no matter how sealed we keep our apartments or how many foot mats we employ we cannot avoid the entry of dirt and mud inside our homes.
Cleanliness: The shortest route to perfect health
Who hasn't heard the famous quote 'prevention is better than cure', in such simple words it explains one of the most vital lessons of life. The lesson that all of us mostly tend to forget. It is the reason why so many of us nowadays suffer from diseases and disorders. All of us know that the easiest way to prevent obesity and heart diseases is by changing our food habits; we also know that personal hygiene and cleanliness has an immense impact upon our basic health. Yet these are the facts that
Is your kitchen even dirtier than your toilet?
Yes, you have read it right. The latest researches show that the kitchen sink is the dirtiest portion of the house. It is most likely to harbor disease causing bacteria. It is even dirtier than the toilet bowl. Also, merely washing it isn’t enough as it leaves behind microscopically small food particles which can turn it into a breeding ground of harmful disease causing bacteria. We must give a serious consideration to cleaning kitchen sink and also cleaning kitchen in general.
Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips: How to keep your bathroom clean the whole day
Bathroom is that one portion of the house which gets dirty most easily and most frequently. Its steamy and slippery nature makes it an ideal spot for the accumulation of both dirt and mud. The situation becomes particularly more problematic in modern day flats where to save the space even the toilets are attached to the bathrooms. It is never an easy job to keep a clean bathroom. Even in hotel rooms bathrooms have to be cleaned at least once in a day. Just like them we must also clean them every
Summer Cleaning Chore Checklist
When summers are right at the corner, we hardly get any time for home cleaning as we are in the vacation mode. Here we have a summer cleaning chore checklist for you so that you can go smoothly in these months while keeping tabs on the essential areas.
How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen
When talking about Kitchen Cleaning, the first step is taking the sink into considerations. Make your sink empty and shining always. A tidy and sparkling sink is your kitchen’s benchmark which addresses the level of hygiene that you keep in your house. The next thing that you should be doing is placing all the utensils and plates in their respective counters, wiping refrigerator door with a clean cloth, and sparkling your stove too.
Removing the 3 Most Common Carpet Stains - Carpet Cleaning
Protecting carpet from accidental stains and mess is the toughest job, especially, when you don’t have the right tool or knowledge of how to get rid of it. Every strain requires adequate amount of time and a precise chemical at the right temperature with the correct mechanical action. We have brought for you 3 most common carpet strains and how you can be tackling with them. Though Carpet Cleaning is a tough job we have make it easy for you with the following tips
DIY Professional House Cleaners At Home
Now you don’t have to run to the store when your home cleaner has got over. We have brought to you amazing and environment-friendly, professional house cleaners that help you save on your monthly household expenses.
Efficiently Cleaning the Bathroom
Are you planning to clean your bathroom sparkling clean? We have brought amazing bathroom cleaning tips and hacks that you have never known.
The Best Cleaning and Organizing Tricks We Learned This Year
The art of organizing and cleaning a house is a never-ending task. Every day we come across new tips and tricks to improve our house or how can we effectively clean our carpet. However, to make your work easily, the professional house cleaning hacks we would like to share with you
15 Home Cleaning Tricks for the OCD inside You
Learn 15 Home Cleaning Tricks for the OCD inside You. Make use of a binder clip as a sponge stand to air-dry instead of getting all mildewy...... Learn more
Have a small home? Make these things multi-task for you
There are a lot of people who have to stay away from their parental houses and families to pursue their careers. At times, they tend to share homes with other mates while moving in mid-sized rented houses so that they can save on their expenses.
Is your sofa dust and allergy-free?
In every living room, you will come across some kind of a seating arrangement that is comfortable like, a sofa or comfy chairs and cushions. The sofa falls under a one piece furniture category that is likely to be used. However, sofas and cushions are often relentlessly exposed to dust from the air along with the germs from the people who use it. If not taken care of, the existing germs and bacteria may have adverse effects on the people staying in the house or using the sofa.
How Safe Is Your Home For Kids
Home is an ideal place where you can relax, and spend joyful time with your family. It is one of the playing destinations for kids. Even if you keep all the hazardous stuffs away from the reach of your children, your house might be a potential hazard for your kids. Here’s how you can keep your kids safe by preventing them from the below risks:
3 Cleaning Hacks For Your Home
Nothing can beat the feeling of being in a clean and tidy house. Cleaning has never been that simple for anyone of us because, especially to those who have kids in their house. Cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment in the house is in our hands and this gets tougher when maids are not around.
Brilliant Cleaning Service by Hicare Team
Feedbacks are encouraging and even essential for any company to keep scattering its good work. Here we have our customers sharing their honest feedback. As we are in the home cleaning industry, each and every feedback matters to us and we strive to give a professional cleaning service each time when you knock our door.
What is house cleaning?
As we got into the house cleaning business, we realized that it is the combination of art and a science. Right from using eco-friendly chemicals and high grade equipment and the technique of using them and getting the best results out with the help of a team is the actual house cleaning.
5 Everyday Things you’re probably forgetting to Clean
Even though you must be changing the sofa cover on a regular basis, it is not yet entirely clean from dirt and germs. With a lot of household chores in your daily to-do list, you might miss out some spots where daily dusting and cleaning is mandatory. The one such spot is right underneath your sofa or between the gaps of your sofa and cushion placed. You should be cleaning this area very carefully and occasionally to not let the dirt and dust settle down as the place is highly prone to collect d
5 Best Ways to Clean Your Carpet
Cleaning the carpet is the most concerned topic for all those who are care-taking members in the family.
8 Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips
We all are aware that carpets are expensive and so we all want to save them from dirt and grins and maintain them for a long run. Regular cleaning of a carpet is an essential task and not all of us can manage this very well. Thorough vacuuming along with professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis can make your carpet clean while maintaining the hygiene of your home.
6 Tips To Keep Your Marble Floors Bright, Shining And Clean
Who wouldn’t admirehaving a beautifully shining marble in the house? Well, we all do wish. Like most of us think that it is just not possible to maintain those pristine marbles for years, despite a regular floor cleaning service. However, we have brought a researched data for you on how you can clean and keep your marble floors shining bright with these handy tips.
5 Simple Homemade Floor cleaner DIY Recipes
Say no to running in the departmental stores once your home cleaner has got over. Now we have got a few amazing environment-friendly, homemade floor cleaners that you can make it all yourself easily while saving on your household expenses.
5 Easy DIY Kitchen Cleaning Tips By Hi Care Experts
The kitchen is one of the area that requires regular cleaning and is prone to catch dirt, stain and dust soon. Therefore, these tips will help you can save up on your extra expenses by preparing your own kitchen cleaning solutions while saving some time to just relax in the house.
5 Tips to How to Clean Upholstered Sofa Like an Expert - Hi Care Experts
Wiping down your upholstered sofas, chairs and furniture can be a tough job at times and often headache for those who are not aware of how it is done correctly. Yet, there is something more agonizing like getting the dried stains cleaned from your upholstery which might take a lot of time and effort.
5 Expert Tips to How to Clean Car Interior, glass on your own
It is always worth to take a good care of your car and maintain cleanliness inside out. With a regular wash and great maintenance can make a huge difference which reflects indirectly on the resale value of the car. At times, not everyone can afford professional car cleaning service and care takers and they however end up doing some wrong stuff which minimizes the life span of your car.
5 Easy Tips to How to clean wooden furniture by Hicare Expert
Now you can easily get rid of the spilled water stains, polish and ink mark that is probably visible on your wooden furniture. Simply follow the simple furniture cleaning tips and tricks given below and get rid of the stains from your furniture.