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Hicare Cleaning Services

We have all heard of the proverb “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Yet maintaining a clean home is a daunting task and despite several methods it’s almost impossible for you to keep your house or workplace sparkling clean. Hicare provides a range of products and offerings to cater to all your needs and emergencies. We are committed to provide professional cleaning services using advanced machinery and highly effective safe chemicals.

For extensive cleaning using Machinery we have Deep Cleaning Service which takes 4 -5 technicians 8/9 hours and your entire house is deeply cleaned. We also have a Specialist Cleaning service which is quick and gets done within 4/5 hours where we focus on specific areas like kitchens, bathrooms and windows. We also provide niche services like sofa shampooing, curtain steaming, bathroom cleaning, etc.

The program we are recommending for your facility is designed in such a way, that its ongoing service maintains best possible conditions of all the upholstery within the facility. Please find the details of each of the offerings in subsequent pages.

Our Cleaning Services are active in 5 cities and our pest services are available in 40 cities around India. We offer Commercial and Residential services with super localized services offered to meet individual client needs.

Company guidelines for operation are strictly enforced to ensure that all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to. In addition, service technicians are fully trained to Hicare unique standards, each of which exceeds all industry guidelines.

Why we are Different...

Hi Quality

Hicare provides best quality services benchmarked to international standards.

Hi Trust

All the technicians we send are background checked and trained to work with highest levels of integrity.

Hi Expertise

To ensure quality and skilled service to our customer, a certified technician is assigned with a prominent certified supervisor to each Hicare client. These technicians and Supervisors are highly trained and equipped in the latest machinery and cleaning techniques.

Hi Care

Hicare has advanced CRM System to maintain customer records or the service experience through our trained professionals. We aspire to provide a hassle free experience to our clients because WE CARE!